3/8 quick connect to 1/4 quick connect

I want to by pass the gun and use a ball valve to turn on/off the surface cleaner. The outflow is a 3/8 but I need to attached it to the 1/4 on my surface cleaner (quick connect only!) I have looked for couplers that reduce but can’t find anything. Can anyone tell me what I need to make this work? Thanks in advance. Here is a pic of what I am trying to connect. I have a 1/4 coupler that can attach to the black hose.

Edited all non essential info.

Whatever you’re trying to do, the step-down is going to be in the threaded components, not the QCs (unless you get a QC with a stepped down threaded side somewhere). Just get the 3/8" coupler (I assume from the pic) that you need, and get stepdown threaded components to make them meet up.

Where’s handle of surface cleaner. Sure it didn’t come like that.


I think he is trying to not use the gun and just turn it on and off with the ball valve.

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Here is the handle. It was attached to the surface cleaner. I removed it because I don’t want to hold down a gun. I took it apart and there is no way to use that treaded fitting on the exit of the gun, everything is one solid unit.

I have a threaded 1/4 SS coupler that will connect to the end of surface cleaner hose. My problem is finding either a 3/8th coupler to 1/4 threaded to directedly connect the surface cleaner hose. Or a step down that will work. None of the parts places I have looked at have one or anything that I can make fit (that I am aware of)

It’s a pressure pro 18" from home depot. https://www.homedepot.com/p/Pressure-Pro-18-in-4500-PSI-Pressure-Washer-Surface-Cleaner-with-Quick-Connect-Plug-PP-SC18/316416856

That is exactly what I am trying to do, which I said in the first line of my 2nd paragraph. I have since edited the post to remove unnecessary info.

Idk if this would work https://www.lowes.com/pd/B-K-3-8-in-Threaded-Male-Adapter-Bushing-Fitting/1000505531?cm_mmc=shp-_-c-_-prd-_-plb-_-ggl-_-LIA_PLB_142_Pipe-Fittings-_-1000505531-_-local-_-0-_-0&ds_rl=1286981&gbraid=0AAAAAD2B2W8N5k-wssZAq1ITXXngXKoev&gclid=CjwKCAjwx46TBhBhEiwArA_DjDp_Xcjs8vjbO5c8oArPTXxLjSqTc0Zu0cuvQWzKycAhgft8aSDiIxoCUSIQAvD_BwE&gclsrc=aw.ds

And then put at QC on the 3/8”

This really isn’t that complicated…but I also think the SC comes with a gun for a pretty solid reason. I don’t have enough hands to work a ball valve while moving the SC either…so there’s that.

I don’t think anyone is not understanding what he’s trying to do…

I just use my third arm… it’s right by the ball valve

If you want to hold you gun all day, that’s fine, I don’t. How about you show me where I can buy what I need since it’s not that complicated. What I am looking for isn’t on any sites that I know of.

So I hate to get snippy, and at the risk of channeling my inner @Innocentbystander … If you can’t get from 1/4npt to 3/8npt, you probably don’t need to be modifying the equipment from it’s intended design… that said, you can easily get what you’re looking for on Amazon. You’ll need more than one magical piece to make that work. Look at what you have, and find the other pieces you need…

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I put a link for you chief

Take off the male plug coming out of the top of the ball valve and put a reducer in there than thread the pressure hose from the surface cleaner into the ball valve reducer threads. Sacrifice the ball valve to be a permanent piece of the surface cleaner and qc into that when using it

You could just take to any hose shop and get them to whack off fitting that’s there and put you on a new one. Shouldn’t be much more than $20 plus the fitting.

Couple of other questions - why did you pick that particular surface cleaner? What type of machine are you running? And second, why are you so opposed to having a trigger on it? A trigger much easier and gives you more options than using just a ball valve unless you were using to clean a large parking garage, which I doubt you are.

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Lol, and people say I mess with the new guys

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A ball valve is not meant to replace a gun nor a trigger.
It is not safe if not it would come with it.


I had a gift certificate for a big box store, they sold that brand (pressure pro) and it got decent reviews from what I saw. I am not a commercial user but don’t like wasting time. 4GPM 4k PSI Honda GX390 with AR pump. I got it from an auction for $60. It fires up on the first pull, produces the numbers it should.

I wanted a ball valve because my right hand is missing two fingers, index and middle. Holding a trigger gun for a few hours isn’t an option.


I’d say that’s a pretty darn good reason for needing one.


Spray left handed