3.5 gpm 4000 psi hot water machine

I Am brand new to the game and I’m buying a three and a half gallon per minute 4000 PSI hot water machine. I am considering doing residential Fleet washes commercial equipment Etc I am spending about $5,000 on equipment for my startup business any advice no criticism necessary :slight_smile:

I have a 4gpm 4000psi and hot and mostly do fleet. Chemicals are key! I only use 100ft of hose for fleet and will be getting a dual lance wand for this year. As for house washing, their are far more qualified people to answer questions, but most can be answered using the search function

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I have been reading a little about direct drive and belt drive do you think I should reconsider because I have considered getting a direct-drive. Easy kleen 4000

There’s tons of info on the forums. Thats how I mostly learned. Good equipment is key. Don’t half-ass it. Buy the good stuff. On that note, I highly recommend a belt driven machine. The will last way longer, and can handle the abuse of being run for several hours at a time every day.

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Ok cool I will start looking for different machine. Is gpm more important
than psi? I’m looking to spend 3400 on a machine.

I noticed the easy kleen videos on you tube had no problem with suction

I’d recommend that you spend your $ on more gpms and less psi. The only thing you would need that much psi for is commercial concrete and if that’s what you’re doing than your going to need more gpm. Just my 2 cents.

…on a side note and I don’t mean to derail the thread but does anyone know what’s going on with my profile. @innocentbystandard


Your pump will run cooler and last longer with belt drive. You will use a fraction of the fuel running a belt driven pump. The pump runs at 1450 rpm’s compared to the 3400 rpm’s of a direct driven pump connected directly to the engine. The pump receives the heat transfer from the engine.

If you are relying on this piece of equipment to put food on your table, you can’t go wrong with more gallons per minute. The higher gpm, the faster you will clean and get home to your Family or on to the next job. Choose at least 4 gpm and at least 3000 psi. Please do not buy a 3.5 gpm pressure washer. It is more of a homeowner type pressure washer and will slow you down. The cleaning units are lower. You really do not need more than 4000 psi.

Honda engines have proven themselves. General Pump parts and kits are ubiquitous, inexpensive and you can be taught by my Father to repair your pump over the phone without special tools.

You can start out with a cold unit and add a hot box to heat the water but think ahead as to how you may grow. 4 gpm will still allow you to pull from the 3/4” ID garden hose and not need a tank.

If you plan to do fleets, you will need a tank and heat. Commercial (even direct drive pumps) pressure washers will pull from a tank through an 80 mesh filter.

I offer an assortment of different brands of pressure washers. For example a hot 4 @ 3500 super skid is $4040

Hot 8 gpm 3500 psi is $5710

It sounds as though you are looking at a Canadian unit. Look at the overall temperature rise in relation to the groundwater temperature in your area. Here in Florida, the water seems like it’s 80 degrees coming out of the faucet. Guys in more Northern states require greater temperature rises to reach the desired temps. However, running beyond the 180-200 degrees is DANGEROUS and will fry your components. Hoses will bubble and burst. That black nickel plated brass ball valve everyone likes is only rated to 176 degrees F.


Wow very very helpful. That super skid sounds nice . I would like more info

Thanks! I replied by e mail.

Codysmith5345 I apologize but did not receive anything…

Does your machine come with a wand and hose? Tax? Shipping?

does your machine come with wand and hose? Tax? Shipping? @PWProducts

Cody the unit arrives with 50’ R1 grey hose with quick connects, a 3’ insulated gun/wand assembly (or 4’ depending on the gpm ordered), a high draw chemical injector assembly with quick connects and a red, yellow, green, white and black soap quick connect nozzles.

Try emailing me at sales@PressureWasherProducts.com

We are in the middle of a complete overhaul of our sites and it’s a challenge. We ship all over the world. If you are outside Florida, you don’t pay sales tax. I’ll need more info to provide a better shipping quote but prefer request that info via an email or pm.

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Email sent @PWProducts

I rarely move the 4 gpm hot skids. The engine size is smaller but the skid remains the same. The pic I uploaded is a 5.5 at 3500 Hot 115V and bigger than what you are asking for.

It’s important to ask your peers for input here. I think most would agree that it’s beneficial to go up to 5.5 or 8 gpm unit if using the pw as a primary source of income. The more gpm, the more cleaning units and the faster you are going to get back home to your Family with that money coming in… with the right chemicals in your arsenal.

It’s an important decision. Going beyond 4 gpm means a bigger trailer, you must pull from a tank and have the capacity to haul all of it. You need to add the plumbing from the tank to the pump including the 80 mesh filter and install the bypass hose to the top of the tank. Those are added expenses which will benefit you in the long run.

The unit you are looking for has a 13 hp Honda and a TS series belt driven pump. I’ll message you with info.

Shipping is a couple hundred, I think, to LTL freight that skid to you in OK.

You have a wide open market. You should do well.

My budget tho :expressionless: I can’t afford anything bigger I’m looking to spend 3500 or 4000. Do you really think the easy kleen 3.5 is a BAD idea for start up?

Cody, I’m thinking I’m not alone here when I’ll say that you should go with the 4 gpm. What pump does it have? You can put a different pump on it for a few hundred when you kill it.
Will they configure it for 4 gpm for you? 3.5 is more for duct cleaning. Ask your dealer. They probably want to move the unit and will accommodate you. They can remove the pump and install a EZ4040 or EZ4035. Did you say it was a direct drive? Ask them to throw in a grey hose, too! :slightly_smiling_face:

I haven’t even talked to a dealer. Just found pw in my range and set my heart on it. What’s a grey hose?

@PWProducts will direct drive create suction issues? The you tube videos didn’t seem to have any problems with suction