25030--5.5 GPM--20 in SC

I have a GX 630 with a 5.5 GPM @ 3500 Psi Comet pump and 200 ft high pressure line. Have been using my 20 in GP surface cleaner with stock 25020 tips and i have to say has been doing good with no striping.well i was informed yesterday those tips are incorrect. So i put in what was recommended 25030.well damn did a driveway with it yesterday and it’s a different animal!At first think i was leaving stripes and also had to put a gallon jug on top to keep it on the concrete to relieve my arms lol.so after i got use to it seemed to work pretty well.

Good stuff i got a 4gpm with a 20" same 2502 tips my 25025 just showed up im exited to play with them as well

Unless I’m missing something here, you didn’t have to put a gallon jug on before because your tips were so small for that 5.5gpm machine that half your flow was going out the unloader. Look at a nozzle size chart, 5.5 gpm is 2.75 gpm per nozzle. On a #2 thats over 5000psi.

There is no playing with them, that’s the tips you should have had from the beginning. 2502s would push 4000 psi, no need for that, you could do damage at that pressure.

Correct that’s why I got the 03’s

I mean play as in use it lol and ive used the stock tips for a good bit of flatwork and it works but to much lift lol and to much pressure overall but works

I have the same machine in a 4.0 gpm and found the stock tips was blowing apart residential concrete we have in our area and needed to downsize. @tomlor611 where did you get your shirt (not to get off subject)??? Looks great for washing (water scheme) At first look I thought it was a custom print but see it’s not.

It works until you destroy someone’s property. Get the 25025 nozzles in there right away.

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Hence the reason i got them lol :laughing:

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You’re probably ok with the original ones. You’re machine doesn’t put out 4k, and you lose 600psi in just the hose, not counting other friction loss. If you’re machine is hovering and you have to put weights on it, you have the wrong tips.

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If it were me I wouldn’t lean that ladder against the gutter like that. Usually the ladder will scratch the coating on the gutters. A standoff helps out with that. Just a thought….like your shirt!

There’s a lot of no no’s going on there. No bull horn on the ladder, ladder on concrete, rinsing with a ball valve.

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Lol just a fishing shirt

No gutters,wife held ladder,what’s wrong with rinsing with ball valve?5.5 GPM,3500 PSI and nozzle size chart says 6 so half that are 03’s?Am i wrong?

First, I apologize, I thought I read it was a 4/4000 machine. 3’s are still two large probably. I’d go smaller. Bull horns prevent damage to the gutters/shingles and keep the ladder from sliding on top. I hope your wife wasn’t standing in front of the ladder holding it. That is not how to heel a ladder. Ball valves are made to be open is closed. They are not made to take the place of a trigger gun.

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Thanks for the great advise :+1:

Listen to the ladder advice, ignore the ball valve advice. He’s getting old and doesn’t like the extra pound the ball valve weighs, lol.

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Dang, I liked that right up until the last line…we make sure ours just slightly hover, that’s 2504s off our 8gpm machine. Works great with just a couple lbs on it.

Hovering means more effort to hold them down and surface cleaners weren’t designed to have weights on them. Put the right nozzles in, an elbow to redirect water hammer and you can wash one handed all day long.


Thank you for the info about the elbow!! I just removed one and will go back now!!! Live and learn.