2015 PWRA Sponsored Hunting Trip

We are polling interest for a November 2015 PWRA sponsored members hunting trip. This would also be extended to WCRA members also. It would be a fully guided all-inclusive 5-day gun hunt at a hunting lodge for trophy whitetail deer in the NE corner of Missouri. The cost for the hunt would be around $3500 (out of state license included in cost).

They also have 3-day turkey hunt available but they are in April and I figured that wouldn’t be a popular time. Let me know if you are interested and we will go from there.

What type of hunt is it, tree stand, spot and stalk, Thad style (from kitchen window)? Can we use a bow? How many deer can we take?

Count me in

JC, the outfitter has ladder stands, stands, and shooting houses or you can bring your own climber. It’s guided hunts so the guides will put you in the best location that the deer pattern. I don’t know if you can bow hunt during gun season there but I will ask. One buck 140 class or better.

Sounds like a great time. I love hunting whitetail. Sounds a little to rich for my blood to hunt a whitetail though…

Save up. It’s a write off!

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Where else can you write off a fully guided hunt with a chance to shoot HUGE deer?? Another PWRA benefit :slight_smile:

Yeah I guess. haha. I know that I can kill whitetail right where I live. BUT…I won’t have an opportunity to shoot a mounter like I would on the guided trip. Maybe I can be talked into it…

I have shot many but none this size!

The big deal is that Jeremy has set it up so that we can get 2013 prices in 2015 if we go as a group.
I don’t know if that has been covered yet.

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Ok, how do you write it off as a business expense when it is obviously not business related? I have so much to learn about all of this type of stuff but I know I would love to go! If I buy a new rifle for this trip, can I write that off too? LOL

Aritt - here’s what I would do on this to see what you can write off. Have Jeremy throw a meeting to discuss PWRA business. Document that. Also talk to your accountant to see what you can write off here since it’s an association(PWRA) trip. Some of the most Succesful guys I know in this Industry know how to get these trips as business write offs and part of that is being creative-- good luck:D

John is 100% correct. You will be able to write off the entire trip since it is a PWRA event and we will be talking business. It’s no different than taking business clients to the Super Bowl and writing off the skybox. Its done everyday by every kind of trade imaginable. I’ve written off cruises because there was a group that went and had some seminars on the boat. My ex was a nurse and she got CE credits from the few classes they had and we wrote off the trip. Best hunting you will ever have during the day and networking together with pressure washers and discussing some business in the evening.

I’m in! Surely I can make enough to pay for it between now and then.

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I hope you guys have fun, personal I have had pretty good success deer hunting here in ky.
Now the only hunting I want to do is on a beach with a nice drink…that has women with very little on…
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Hey guys I know im not a paying member yet ,but I have a family member who owns Hadley Creek Outfitters if you guys want I can talk to him and see what kind of group prices he offers,they have around 30,00 acres to hunt on.Just let me know what you think?

Hey Aritt this falls into business 101. Have an official business meeting and you can write it off. To cover your tracks even more, have a few minutes documented everyday that you had an official business meeting and you can write of all the days. You can write off the flights,hotel,food expense just to name a few things here.

Trying to write off a Gun purchased may set off a red flag with the IRS and you really don’t want to do that… and of course I know your joking on that…right:o Lol

Lol! Yeah! But if I thought I could squeeze it in… Lol

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I’d be more interested if the group ever did a fishing trip. Holler at me whenever that’s an option.

Someone call AC maybe? :stuck_out_tongue:

I need to get on the boards more. I would be in 200%!!!

A fishing trip is very doable.
Are you thinking inshore, offshore, what? We could meet up in Venice and do it all.

Also, AC lost his boat so that was a low blow.

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