2015 PWRA Sponsored Hunting Trip

Just a thought. I have a good friend that has an outfitting service in Kentucky. Deer and turkey. Kentucky is and has been one of the top states for trophy whitetail and Christian County has been one of the tops for booner whitetail for the past several years. His rates are very reasonable and Ky. license for deer are about $200 even with the price increase this year. He does group rates. Lodging is available at a local state park. (cabins available or camping if someone wanted to rough it). Depending on if we wanted a bow or rifle hunt it could be done for around $2000/man for a 3-5 day hunt.

I have good friends in Venice, FL. Great spots for fishing! As far as inshore or off, either would be great. Depending on the size of the group, off shore charters would be easier to get a “deal,” but personally, I’ve had more fun recently fishing channels and lakes.

Like I said, Chris, I would give a pinkie toe for a buck like you posted.

Andrew, I meant Venice, LA. The fishing (offshore, inshore, bass) and duck hunting is incredible.

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Thad is correct!!! But if yall want duck hunting I know an awsome place in Welsh, LA. Lodging is 50 a day 150 a gun and 75 blind fee to be split between four people per blind.

Even better! I’d love to do some fishing outside of Florida. Thad, if that ever gets set up, count me in.

Fishing is where I’m at. Having fun while drinking some good booze with friends with rifles… Umm not for me.

Now fishing on the ocean with the sun glaring down on us and where drinking tropical drinks as we fish from a boat and telling tall tales… Yup that’s my speed these days:)

Notice I added booze into the mix… Probably not grappa though:) well maybe a 2 drink of grappa max;)

John, the fishing out of Venice, LA is phenomenal.

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