20" SC no spin after 1 use

Got a non greaseable simpson 20" before knowing about the greasable ones just trying to get equipment like a genius :). Went to do a home today after using it once couple weeks ago only to find it doesn’t spin…I’m attempting to get this bar off but it’s on there with a death grip…

So basically 1 wrench on swivel and 1 on the bar and it should eventually come loose with enough work and I can add some marine grease hopefully solving this issue??

Can you spin by hand? Turn it over on it’s side and see if spraying at all when you pull the trigger. Make sure you have flow coming out nozzles and that it’s even. You can hold the bar with your hand while you or someone pulls the trigger. Could just be a blockage.


Yeah it spins by hand not all that great but not super stiff…I know earlier it was coming out of 1 for sure honestly I can’t remember if both were working for the life of me. I got the poker that came with it im going to try tomorrow and see how it works if their is any change or maybe I’ll take nozzles off hopefully it’s something like a clog. Thanks !

It won’t work worth a crap if one is clogged. Just hold bar like I said and look at it to make sure spray is coming out equally and same pattern on both sides. Should be a flat spray. If not the same, then just remove nozzles, make sure no trash in them, flush them good and you should be good to go. It’s a 10min fix at most.

You’d be better off carrying Simpson back and spending a little more and getting a better SC.


Yeah I bought it a while ago when I first picked up my pressure washer :confused: I was thinking about it early on when warranty was still good for a return :frowning: live and learn. Thanks again :slight_smile:

Well the good thing about SC is that there aren’t that many moving parts, so pretty easy to fix. Just start with the easy parts first and work backwards. Swivel usually the only expensive part and it’s rare they go bad. Yo probably just got some trash in it somewhere. Unhook your line at the swivel from trigger and make sure water getting to swivel next, if not nozzles. Make sure you lay SC down so no trash blows in gun while you’re rinsing.


Will do !

I know it’s a less popular thing, but we put inline filters on all of ours to help mitigate clogged tips. Make sure you keep spare tips onboard too (or a full spare bar, when you have an SC you’re happy with for the long run anyway).

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Mine came with an inline filter on the handle actually…now that you mention it. I have 1 set of extra nozzles that came with this one…but I think after I get the rest of equipment I would like reels and few other 0ieces I might put SC after those purchase.
Hammerhead 18" - BE 16" - Whisper Wash 19" ??? Which of the 3 ?? The front 2 are a hair cheaper is the whisper wash worth the extra $$?? If so I’ll happily wait to afford it.

I can’t speak to an actual comparison, but I can say that our company settled on nothing but WW Classics for all of our trucks. We have one old something (20" shiny metal with wheels, maybe Simpson, IDK) that sits in the corner of the shop, and we got a Mini Mondo this past year, which is sort of nice in certain scenarios. I’ve only physically used an SC myself 4-5 times, so I’ll let others give you specific reasons.

Whisper Wash hands down….

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2 for WW lol ok looks like I’ll save the extra 100 to spend on it when the time comes

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If you have a 4gpm machine, 16" WW Ultra Clean. If you even think of getting a bigger machine soon get the 19".

The Ultra is less expensive than the Classic but I like the wider bars so it’s personal preference.

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Yeah I hear 16" is the more appropriate size once again to late haha…also the 16 is a little better priced! Thanks

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Hah got it working btw ! Idk what it was , I took the inline filter out and took swivel out and sprayed some wd all in it best I could as a last resort and sure enough spinning like a champ !!

Dollars to pesos I’d bet you it was the inline filter.

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That’s a bad bet for one side…but you’re probably right.


Haha yeah after hearing how sometimes they clog real easy 9 said well ill try it without it when I put back together and bam super spin haha so it’s not goong back on

Careful with that plan…either it was too restrictive a flow, or it was clogged with a bunch of crap that will now be in your tips. I put one on all of ours this spring, but had to find one rated for 10gpm (I think it was) to make sure it wasn’t a choke point.

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Yeah good point maybe I’ll throw it back on and see if it works and my swivel was acting up so I know for sure which it was anyway