2 gas lines

Hey what’s going on so I just got my 8 gpm 3500psi unit… have a few questions that I really don’t know about … first why is there 2 gas line going to the fuel tank first time with a gx690

Also if I wanted a bigger gas tank two run two machines from would I need to fined a gas tank with 4 inlets ? If so does anyone know where to find them with 4 inlets

It’s to make people in California happy. Emmisions. Change the gas cap and you can cut and plug the other line

You can put a T on the one block coming from the gas tank and feed two machines. I’ll snap a pic for you tomorrow


So just plug the line that does not have the inline filter hooked up…

I know norther tool has a 18 gal tank with two inlets on it … was going to use that … what should I use to plug the other line with

Do you have pics? Never seen it with two lines.

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First time for me too

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Wow… fuel line QC’s even… mine is legitimately a single fuel line, a filter, a shutoff, and a nylon barb.

What’s the second line plug into?

Into the gas tank… gas tank has two ports on it

I mean on the engine side

Red circle used to be your fuel gauge so I bet it’s a vent line. The green circle with the swivel is actually your pickup line and the one that matters

As long as green arrow goes to green circle, you could likely just put a fuel gauge back in or just cap the red circle side.

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Yeah I am going to get a bigger gas tank so I can run two machines to one gas tank … I guess I can just plug that red line some how …

Just don’t connect the QC if they’re check valved. That’s the easiest way. And they’re very likely check valved as hydraulic fuel lines.

Just connect the green side QC and you’re ready to roll. On a bigger tank you can use a barbed tee for the two “green side” fuel lines. The 690’s will pull all the fuel they need.

I just rolled mine up and zip tied it off to machine, it truly doesn’t do anything… You’ll like the NT fuel tank.


Thanks… that’s what I will do if I don’t have to plug it

When you get the NT tanks, make sure you loosen the screw on top of filler cap so it can breathe or your washer won’t pull the fuel. Drove me crazy when I first hooked it up, until I remembered to loosen.

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We’re you able to get that picture