13hp honda with a 8gpm 1750psi pump


I understand wanting to buy as you go, but why think about hiring employees until you’ve tapped out your efficiency. Someone has to train them. You don’t have to have everything, but you need some base of equipment that’s relatively efficient for you.


I am still working out the kinks of things and figuring out how to do this. I don’t need to tap myself out before I make the switch to automation. If I do that I could fail and be stuck working for myself instead of having others work for me. I would rather take half profits and free up time for administrative tasks including lead generation and optimization than I would out in the field. I have a security net of savings that will get me through the rough patches and hopefully make this a reality.


For the record, I am ordering the 5.5 gpm 2500 psi machine, unless anyone have some real reasons why I should not buy it.


No, it’s a good machine. Dont know if there is a better price out there, but it is a good setup. I just upgraded that engine to the pump that is on it. Lots of people use those.


Thanks, I also read in a few different places that It will suck straight from a buffer tank. I am ordering a 35 gallon tank. I think that should be fine for my current setup and price budget.


Yes it will. I just saw that it was belt driven… even better. Mine is a gear driven and pulls fine.

You can make a buffer tank out of a 55 gallon drum if you wanted to. I did just to see if i could, using homemade bulkheads from home depot electrical/plumbing fittings. Had a hudson float valve on it, and it held water fine. I use a 275 gallon tote now, though.


I would get 55 gallon drum, but I have limited room and I don’t feel comfortable strapping it down correctly. I would also like to dump the tank as quick as possible. Not sure if the 55 gallon would be that much of a difference though.


Going with your theme of rapid expansion…have you taken into account reputation? If your running around trying to be as efficient as possible with middle of the road equipment and an amature approach your exposing yourself to a large group of your potential customer pool as Mediocre. Eventually that will catch up to you and your buisness will suffer. I remember you saying that there are a few big companies around you. I would assume they have top of the line equipment and a rapid efficient approach. Therefore their reputation speaks for it’s self. Just a thought. If you have the money, you can buy the equipment and perfect the approach and if your rapid expansion goes according to plan you will already be efficient with the equipment and approach to train potential employees efficiently while earning their respect.


Could I have the model number of your pump. I am going to order that and put it on my current pressure washer as well. One belt drive and one direct drive. Should be enough to make me feel secure and I could even have a helper if need be.


One thing that I have learned is that as long as your vehicle looks new and you wear a uniform you will do fine. I have a 4x4 harbor freight trailer that is loaded with stuff and no one cares either way. I pull up in an SUV with magnets on the side. It’s about as professional as I can be right now. I am moving over to a 5x8 enclosed trailer until I can afford a truck. That is if I don’t just make a couple of these trailers for employees to haul around. I figure I can get a light weight trailer setup for around $6000 each.

two 5.5gpm machines for $3600.
Trailer is $1600
Hoses and wands like $600.
I can find some deals on craigslist or ebay for some of it I am sure. Machines and trailer new though.


I also have a professional website, professional business cards, professional door hangers, professional yard signs, professional invoice forms and all that other crap. The one thing I know how to do is make a business look legitimate.

I’ve spent a lot on marketing…

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I’m just on a different path personally. I want to grow slow and build a great reputation. Im in it for the long haul. In 15 years, when there is a huge job that needs done in my area, I want people to say “Call Sharpe, hes forgotten more than these other guys know.” I also have alot more completion here compared to your situation though. I’m not saying your way is wrong or that it can’t be successful. But it definitely seems more risky. To me at least. But hey no risk no reward right.


It’s all about your goals. I don’t want people to think of me when they think of my business. I want them to invision a dream, an experience, a feeling of joy knowing that their homes exterior is clean. I want them to have the feeling they get when their neighbors come over and compliment them on their beautiful home. I want them to feel that experience when they think about my company.


IAside from all that I’m interested in the physics behind that pump. I have the pressure pro 5.5@2500. House washing beast. I love it. Before spring I will have a new 8gpm on a 690. Here’s my question

If my pressure pro 5.5@2500 pump bites the dust and I decided to put this pump on strictly for house washing. Would I still get the same distance? I mean my j rod applies soap around 175psi (honestly hard to measure it’s so low) and I rinse right at 900-1000psi. So I think the psi would be insignificant. However I would be putting out A LOT more volume. So if you’re not gonna do flatwork with that particular pump and motor I think it would be absolutely perfect for house washing right?

Sorry if that’s confusing. I’m talking about swapping the 5.5 @2500 pump for the 8@1750 if the og pump craps out.


How did your 5.5@2500 do on residential concrete? I’ve read different things. I’m looking at purchasing one for my residential unit. And what surface cleaner did you use with it? Thanks


It’s an absolute slug. I used it with a whisper wash classic and two 25035 tips to get full psi. I mean it did the job but I always had to pretreat and post treat heavily. It’s great for house washing though. I use my 8gpm for flatwork but when i need heat I still use the 5.5 because of how I’m set up. If your budget will allow. Just start with a 8gpm and don’t look back. If not then I would consider a good belt drive 4@4 with a 16” surface cleaner over the 5.5 @ 2500 as a good all around unit. That’s just me. The output on the 4 vs 5.5 isn’t enough to outweigh the 1500 psi difference.


Thanks Bama. I really appreciate the response. Not sure I could pull the 8GPM at the moment. But I think I may be able to pull off the 5.5GPM @3500 Honda unit. Seen a few around online for below $3,000. Thinking though with what you just said…may be better to save the money…get belt driven 4.0GPM and then upgrade to the 8GPM when I can pull it off. Use the money saved now towards marketing! If driveways are going to also be a big seller of mine for residential unit…4.0 is probably the way to go now.


Yea i agree. I would never buy a 5.5@3500 personally. For a few hundred more you can get a 8@3500. It is honestly night and day difference between a 5.5vs 8. I actually have all 3 machines now so it funny switching back and forth between them.

4@4 direct drive on a low pro sliding skid I made.

5.5@2500. And a 8@3500. The vast majority of us started with a 4@4 and there is plenty of money that can be made with one. Learn your chemicals. Market well and maintain that 4@4. Later build a trailer with a 8 and use the 4 on there for a helper or as a back up.


Would I sound like one of your kids if I said, “do the tank lights again!”

Serious question though. Do you not pretreat and post treat with your 8?


Sell some plasma. Refinance one of your kids. In all seriousness… if you can make up the difference some how Nick is telling the truth. If you can start with an 8, you’ll never know the suffering we all knew. Lol