13hp honda with a 8gpm 1750psi pump


I’m guessing he’s set it up that way to eliminate every possible restriction in the plumbing. With only 1600 psi, you’ve gotta make every pound count, I suppose.

He’s got some interesting stuff on his channel. Like homemade xjets made from worn out injectors, and homemade foamer nozzles. Seems like an inventive guy.


What’s your business plan say?


I dont have a business plan, all of my successful business mentors told me not to waste time on that and focus on my vision, goals, and providing the best service possible to your customers. Make short term goals for now and I am still in business in a year, then make a business plan. The plan is to refine my business, not create it. My acquaintances who are successful attorneys tell me the same and have gave me legal council. My equipment is in a different company from my pressure washing company. Equipment is leased to the other company.

Some of these mentors net worth are upwards of 25m so I trust them.


I was also told to not take a salary at all for my first year and live as cheaply as possible off savings. So I am downsizing to 5k per month living expenses to very cheap living situation of <1k per month. I should have enough in my business account to cover costs for quite a few years.

Well I guess my business plan at this point is to “put as much aside as possible to keep the business running and at the end of year one hire people to automate things. Focus on two or three things to do.”


If you’re reducing your expenses by $4k buy an 8 gpm 3500 psi skid and be done with it. Chase your dreams.


I can’t invest personal money into my business anymore. I was told to start with next to nothing and learn to get by on less. It will be a personal and business lesson to learn. The only reason I am willing to spend the 1.6k is because I want my current washer to be a backup. I’ll spend the 4k next year, or just have employees work off 5.5gpm 2500 psi or cheap diy softwash setups, provided they can last a significant amount of time. My main goal here is money and it is hard to justify extra expenses for speed when I am hitting 20 hours a week. I would rather put the 1.6k into marketing this month and see where that takes me, but I need a backup in case my washer fails on the job.


What do you need us or a business plan for? You’ve got the answers you need. Good luck.


I need you guys because I lack serious knowledge when it comes to pressure washing. I want mentors who know more then me to teach me and in return I can do something for them. Not sure what yet, but something.

My success is partly based of recreating the success of others. I am sure I have some knowledge somewhere in here that may help you out?

Did you know you can have a bunsiness phone line for like 80 cents a month and 0.9 cents per minute? I know a few others things like this.

Edit: link to the thread http://pressurewashingresource.com/t/cheap-business-phone-lines/9822


This is turning into a strange thread.


Yeah. A lot of the logic here just doesn’t flow. Pun intended.


“How do I do this?”

“Do A, B, and C.”

“I’m not doing that.”

On loop. It’s like Groundhog Day.


What did I say im not doing?


I agree with awesomewash… what did he say he wasnt doing?

In the other thread he asked for advice on a chimney, and someone told him to use Dawn. He took the advice. Other people said no dont use dawn, and he said ok ill buy roof snot.

In this thread, he asked about the 8gpm 1750, and squid said that was a bad deal and recommended a 5.5 2500. He said OK that sounded like a good option for him, and asked squid his opinion on a unit, and squid asked him what his business plan said.

He is literally doing what people tell him he should do, at least from what i am seeing.


So you’re trying to start a business that can gross you $100k+ per year by yourself, but you don’t want to put any capital into it? But there are a lot of ramblings so I could have missed something in this thread.


I have 5k per week lined up for the next two weeks. If I keep this up I can hire people and focus more on what I do best. Marketing.

I am investing in things that are generating a direct profit. Not things that increase speed until speed becomes my bottleneck.

edit, a bit under 5k not exactly 5k I am assuming I will get 1 or 2 more jobs.


But getting something that will help you work faster will make you more money in the end because you can get to the next job more quickly, earning more money. That will go directly towards your profit.


That does go directly tword profit, but until I am over booked hour wise and don’t have time to do the marketing, it is an uneeded expense.


Sure, but are you at that point yet? If you are, hire people. If you’re not, get to that point and then hire people. You don’t wanna get to the point where you are overworked hour wise, but don’t have the equipment to do all of the work. You know what I mean?


I know what you mean, but I also know that cash is king. If I ever become overworked, I can just buy the equipment. Until then the money is better off sitting in my account. I can’t leverage money that is tied up in equipment.


Ya if you don’t need it, don’t buy it. So for my understanding then, you not going to hire more people, or purchase more equipment, correct?


I am going to, but it does not fall into my short term goals. Right now and for the first year I am focusing on putting as much money into my account as possible. Then at the year mark I am restructuring and automating as much of the process as possible. I am not sure how I will do that as of this point.