12v pump suggestions

Need recommendations on a 12v bleach pump under $200. Plan is to use it with 200 feet 5/8 hose and 55 gallon batch tank. Roof and pre and post flat applications. DIY budget home build like pictured here but not with cheap ■■■ fish tank siphon hose. Lol.

Every one has their brand. Plenty of good and bad with each. With that being said I run one from Northern tool. They have replacement heads, I haven’t had to replace one since I got mine last year. I rarely fresh water rinse my pump. Biggest reason I went with them is availability. I can ride 30 mins either direction and be at a northern.
I think the biggest thing with 12v is just make peace with the fact that you will need to replace them more often than other items. And keep a spare in the tool box.

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I agree, Northern Tool 5.5 gpm $189 or $179 with quick connects

same setup we run, but our Flojets are up to over $210 + shipping at this point.

yep, plan on buyng 2 up front

Thanks guys.

How long will a good brand new battery run one before it slows down? A couple of hours??

I am horrible about plugging my trailer up. I’ve washed several CVS stores over a weeks time with no noticed decrease. Depends on the battery and what else it is running.

Hey guys, any feedback on the Everflow? I have the opportunity to buy two of these brand-new in the box from another washer, who went a different direction. What do you think?

I went with the Northern Tool 4gpm bleach pump. Been real happy with it as a part-timer. Replaced the head once but it’s because I used it as a sump pump to evacuate dirty water out of a low area on a driveway I was washing. I can’t speak to using it with 200-ft of hose or even 5/8” hose. But availability and price were what I was after and it hasn’t disappointed me.

a couple of days or probably 2 large roofs. You’re never running it continually.