12V Pump for cheap


Have you guys seen this. It’s on Amazon Business.
I know, I know…it’s Northern…but.


I hate Northern tool… but… I bought one of these assuming they screwed up big and have to honor it.

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Dang I don’t have an Amazon business account just signed up for one and it’ll take a day to verify dang it


I hope it’s not a screw up. I got 5. $75 and I’ve got SH transfer pumps out the WAZ for a while.
I’m still small time but I’m tired of hand pumping SH out of the drums.
Even if it is a screw up, I think Amazon will make them honor it. (Hopefully)

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Those are great little pumps. I’ve got 3-4 of them. But no amazon business acct and they’re regular px on regular site.


$18? Is that a typo? I’d buy 10 of them.


I have one mounted to the top of my tank. I just built it for roof cleaning and transferring SH from my 55 gal drums. I like it so far. Only used it 4 times but flush it out good with water after every use. The quick connects make it easy to go from cleaning roofs to transferring chemicals.


Holy moly ,is that for real @NewGuy89 ?


I’m not sure. I ordered 5. Ill let you know.


Well… I went back on there to order @AquaTeamPowerWash one and was gonna order another 10 or so to sell back to you knuckleheads who don’t have amazon business accounts but it looks like they caught on.

You guys need to get Amazon business accounts. They gave me a $6000, net 55 credit line without a SSN. Depending when you order it’s more like net 75.


I have one I got on sale a while back, it was $20 with a coupon. I have never used it and honestly can’t remember why I even got it.


WANNA sell it ? @Steve…I’ll trade you some pet eagle food.


@squidskc you are the one that turned me on to the Amazon Business thing to begin with.
I had no idea it even existed until you brought it up.
I thank you.
In my heart I feel they are running these deals to get more people to sign up for Amazon Business, but something in the back of my brain tells me I’m not gonna get this deal.
I guess we’ll all know sometime between May 22-May 28.

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Maybe. Let me try to remember why I got it first. I’m sure I had something in mind, lol.

Hahaha, ok.

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Anytime man. I’m with you though. I bet northern pulls the plug on it.

If you got the credit line at Amazon you should check out Dell. They approved me for $5k without a SSN. It all helps on your business credit report.


You know I would but I absolutely hate debt.
Thanks for the insight, but I just can’t stand the fact I have a mortgage or a truck loan and I am doing everything I possibly can to get rid of those.
I got on the Dave Ramsey plan a few years back, and if I would’ve stuck to it tight, we wouldn’t be discussing my debt right now.
The Banks are the one’s who led us into the last recession in '08, I felt the sting from my 401k to the grocery store, no one held them accountable and I just refuse to do business with them anymore.
Screw lenders, screw banks…I got this.
If I can’t buy it on my own, I don’t need it.
I’m almost stubborn as a Missouri mule.


Dave Ramsey is incredible. I don’t agree with him 100% but it’s hard to go wrong following his advice. My wife and I got everything paid off except the house which really helped us out when she became disabled due to MS.


AMEN! Cash is king. Except for my visa I use for over the interweb purchases, pay off at the end of the month. Lol


@Hotshot and a paid off home is better than a Mercedes in the driveway anyday!!
I guess we all got a little “Dave” in us…


Just checked and now its unavailable. Just missed it lol