12v add on


Just ordered the 5800 1/2" poly kit in a box from pressure tek. Gearing up for some roof work this season. I have wanted to add on a dedicated pump for a while now.
Also added the three way poly valve with it and some cling on.
I have no experience with a 12v system. So if yall have any tips or tricks you have learned. I appreciate all feed back.


Buy a spare pump as soon as you can and keep it in the truck


Thanks I’ll put it on my list lol. How long do they usually last?


Fatboy lasted a 4-5 month with everyday use. I’m bad about flushing though

The head cracked on a large job, save you in the long run to have a spare.


I learned this the hard way. Great advice. I’m also bad about rinsing but getting much better.


Did you get the wiring upgrade?


Get a good size deep cycle battery (not cranking), group 24 or larger or 100 ah or larger. Check the water in the battery and add distilled water when needed. The battery should last you about 2 years. Get a minimum 7 amp charger, keep extra fuses with you.


We are getting into spring boating sales pretty soon. Keep an eye out for a deal on an AGM deep cycle, no watering, better vibration resistance, slower to sulfate, faster recharge times. You need a charger that has a finishing voltage of at least 14V (Battery Tenders do not get that high). I bought a Marine AGM Group 27 last year from Bass Pro for about 109.00.


Yes I got the pump In a box upgrade.
I’ll keep a 3.5 gpm delevan on the truck for a spare. Grandpa had one laying around.
I also got the three way valve I plan on using it to flush and possibly help rinse along with my 5.5 gpm pw.


How much has the 12v increased efficiency with post treating concrete? Also about how long does it take y’all to spray a 1500 sq ft walkable slight pitch roof? Just an example I understand it will be different for me and obviously if there are dormers etc.


Are you going to use a mix batch tank or run a separate water and bleach tank and proportion?

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I’m planning on mix batch tank. Do you have a preference?


Mix batch is okay to start with. Once you get busy and are doing a lot of work you want to switch over to proportion water tank and bleach tank. It will save you from having to mix in the field and you can adjust your concentration levels.

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Thanks. I’m gonna go with a pump sprayer and do some test spots to try and figure out strength ahead of time. But that may not always be feasible.


That is where a proportioning setup comes in really handy. You use a different ratio on roofs versus house siding and a different ratio on different types of roofing. You also might want to use it just to pre spray some soap on a drive or patio.

We build soft wash metering and proportioning valve systems. I am happy to help in any way you need. Whether it is just information or if you want to build your own.

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Honestly I see a proportioned of use as an experienced PWer is working to perfect their system but as a disadvantage for any new tech. Keep it simple. There’s too many processes and information to learn to add needless complexity.


I agree @Sasquatch. Start simple, build it up to the point where you need to upgrade and change things to increase efficiency, fine tune and put more money in your pocket.


30 minutes. Set up and teardown. (Ground guy helping)


It finally came in earlier this week. I’m getting around to setting it up today. While it’s snowing outside lol.
Maybe a dumb question. But, which side is the inlet? Does it matter? I have never dealt with a 12v.


They almost always have a directional arrow. You may not be able to see it in the box though.

As far as I know, the water will only flow one way, you’ll soon know if it’s backwards :slight_smile: