1. What's your close rate? 2. How do you bid?

My numbers:

  1. 40%
  2. Email

I know me personally mine is 0 in the PW Business, but I have an HVAC sales background and 40% sounds good. How populated is the area you work in with PW businesses. So when you say you email , are you viewing the home in person or looking on like google maps or some realty site to get home information. And sending the bid or do you talk in person and are like well i send you the quote and if so do you follow up same day , next day?

I’m right around 100% approval on the bids I submit but I do walk off some jobs
I took three trucks from Raleigh North Carolina to Birmingham Alabama yesterday got annoyed by 8:30 this morning and we’re all driving back home


Walking away technically counts as a close.


Sheesh, that’s a hike to get annoyed that early. what happened?

The customer’s shirt wasn’t tucked in. :joy:


Vending machine took his last dollar and turned out to be out of Cheerwine

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  1. target at about 55-60%
  2. via ResponsiBid
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I don’t really travel out of state, but this company begged me for a quote. I bid stupid high and they accepted. About $28k for 6 days of work. They were to provide a two bedroom apartment for us to stay in and assured me in an email that they’re were two working water faucets on each building. I drove 580 miles yesterday, used the door code for the apartment and found out was completely empty. Unfurnished. Usually we stay in the model or corporate unit. I went and bought air mattresses, card table, folding chairs, coffee maker, crockpot, groceries and waited for the guys to get there. This morning I got up early and walked the property. 38 buildings and about 6 water faucets that worked and they put out about two gpm. Manager told me that wasn’t his problem, I could call a plumber to fix them but I needed to get started on the buildings that had water. This went back and forth for a couple of minutes and I was cool. He then told me he was busy and I needed to figure it out and get to work. He called me an hour later to ask what building we were working on so he could check on our quality control. I told him we were 60 miles East and steadily increasing the distance. I just walked in the door 10 minutes ago. Pound sand


Just out of curiosity, do you intend to bill them a portion of there total for wasting your time/not upholding their end of the agreement? Sorry that happened to you. People suck.

I have found that billing people for cancelling last minute and other stuff is just a waste of internet ink. I booked a replacement property on the ride back for Wednesday thru Fri so that will cover payroll and the lost gas money


No hydrants nearby?

Lol molehills for a high stepper like you I suppose. I’d be livid but at least you filled the schedule so all’s well that ends well.

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There were hydrants. Three day notice to get one and I had to get a local business license. Just a bunch a hassle and the manager was rude. Just a bad vibe from the get go.


Never change friend, never change!

Wow, not that you need any reassurance but you did the right thing for sure

Do you feel like ResponsiBid is worth it and helps you win more business?

Without a doubt, hands down IMO. We don’t use the online “instant quote” feature anymore (it wasn’t really a big thing for our clients), but we use it as a pricing checklist and a bit of a “call script” to get everything covered with each caller. Where they really shine is the client-facing proposal process. It’s clean, simple, and informative, and can up sales with premium packages. They’ve recently rolled out a new bundling capability that we’re dabbling with currently.

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I’m getting ready to sign up and was really interested in the instant quote. I guess I will try it out and see what I like. Do you use the sendjim with it? It seems like a great idea to automatically send 5 post cards in each direction of the customer. I don’t like doing 5 arounds so I thought that would be nice.

We don’t, but I know a lot of people do who love it. What CRM were you going to use with it? or just ResponsiBid?