#1 method for vinyl siding


No, I did this back in the summer. Actually didn’t even hear the background music on yours. Volume’s down on the phone cause my kids are light sleepers. First time I’ve seen yours lol! Had this on my Facebook page a while back, but just got around to creating a business YouTube page.


Same house. Owner told me he had it washed the year before. The fastest I’ve ever seen a house get this bad. It is Georgia though. Side note, the guy owns Traction Grips, and got a free set of grips for a 9 mil I carry as a backup.


Just curious how you got bleach all the way up on a second story soffit if you don’t know about downstreaming?

If you want constructive criticism…make sure to have GL insurance. I’m sure you already have it for your window cleaning business but it has to cover pressure washing. Using a surface cleaner on vinyl siding is a form of awesomewashing. In other words, you forced water underneath and behind the siding with high pressure all over the house due to the rotating bar. …probably much worse than if someone just used high pressure and a wand. This house has been JackSmacked so hopefully you only washed this house.


I think cripes found a new log in


Boy I hope this guy is Trolling you guys as some deserve it and would be hilarious but…
Dude if you are really using that surface cleaner on siding you are about to F someone’s house up big time!
The phrase “there’s more then one way to skin a cat” was made just for you!
But your gonna mess that cat up and cost yourself some $!
Hope your insured!


I have thoughts that it might be you lol


It may work 75% of the time, but the other 25% will get you in a world of trouble. Take @squidskc advice and search downstream. I’ve literally built my business from information from this forum in under a year, so to say there’s only junk is not accurate. Take some time and effort into reading useful post instead of making assumptions. Lots of valuable info here(and other places). It sounds like you’re starting from knowing very little, which is where I started. Read, read, and read some more. Start with downstreaming, SH ratio, gp hi draw, xjet. From there you should get lost in an abundance of other valuable info that you had no intention of finding.


Dang I thought y’all were just joking around. Man the things I see on this forum.


Call Bob at PressureTek.com tell him the psi and gpm of your machine and you want a chemical injector and and a j-rod with downstreaming tips. He will get you the right size nozzles and then you can start learning how to wash the correct way. Also you will need to find a supplier for 12.5% sh.


I never had much luck calling bob but the UE of his online store is seemless and shipping is fast and reliable.


It used to be a lot easier to call him personally but now he lets others handle a lot of it. If you have certain questions they will get him or have him call you back if he’s busy.


No, not at all.

Jrod or J-rod







Softwashing (downstreaming) & hand brushing (when there’s lots of dirt & oxidation).

Here’s a little vid I did.
House washing - painted timber weatherboards