#1 method for vinyl siding


Hey guys! I’m mainly into window cleaning but pressure washing was a great addition to my biz last season. I feel like I’ve gotten it figured out pretty well but I wanted to see if I could get some pros opinions on the best methods of cleaning vinyl siding. What do you think?


How do you do it?


Lemon Pledge furniture polish and a used microfiber cloth work great for me on vinyl siding


Nice. Effective on oxidation as well I would bet


Mainly with a 14” surface cleaner and 18’ extension pole. Bleach when needed. Try to stay off ladders as much as possible but I use ropes and harness for safety when needed.


Cloth for full exterior cleaning?


Love that idea… I really think they make smaller surface cleaners for the ends of wands, think they were speciality tools for specific surfaces… i bet that wud speed up cleaning when fully extended and trying to control it


I’m lost


Surface cleaner on the extention wands… isnt that how u reach to the top of apartments?


72" drywall stilts + the surface cleaner at end of wand


It took some getting used to at first but it’s not to bad to control with a smaller machine.image


What about the sofit? Able to get that too?


Thats amazing


I don’t use that for the soffit, I’m afraid of flooding inside if I use to much water there. Usually bleach and a light spray down.


Dude… i thought you were just another dude coming on here asking silly questions and finding that pic on google.

Your website looks legit, and facebook too.

Do some searching and learn how to pressure wash if your going to offer it. I cant believe that picture is real.


Is there a reason you don’t just use SH (bleach)? It seems you’ve recreated the wheel with flat sides. Points for creativity though! :slightly_smiling_face:


Lol! That’s funny! I’m legit man building my one man biz for a couple years now. That was my pic from last spring


Please don’t use that surface cleaner on walls. Search j-rod on the magnifying glass in the top right of this forum

Happy reading


Lots of points… id use that on a chimney to avoid having to use a stupid xjet.


Is this what you’re referring to?image