#1 method for vinyl siding


It has worked great so far, just looking for better options.


Would it blow your mind to know most houses can be 100% cleaned with a wand and the proper sh solution? BTW this forum can be one of the most incredible resources for PWing ever. Reading old posts will give you a ton information in addition to current posts. :+1:


I’ll check it out more. Seems to be flooded with a bunch of junk each time I’ve checked. Thank you to the few who give legit responses.


I’ve never used the broom attachment you linked to but I’ve gotten the impression it’s not very useful. Maybe others can give additional information.


What is your recommendation for sh solution?


.8-1% hitting the surface for vinyl or painted siding. 3-4% for brick, stucco, or asphalt shingles.


Cool, I’ll look into it more. I’d rather stick more with soft wash if I can


You mean like that pic you just posted? I thought it was a joke. That’s one of the funniest things I’ve seen yet on this forum. You might want to stick to window cleaning. There’s another Mcgyver way to clean vinyl siding on YouTube…I’ll try and find it


Found it…this is pretty innovative


Man I’m just asking for some legit advice. I found a way that works, and trying to learn better ways.


That’s hilarious! Thanks for the laugh :slight_smile:


Don’t stress too much, there are some good folk in here @JackSmack.


Thank you @Jet-Away. I’m good, however, remarks like those are exactly what I was referring to. I think I’ll stick to other resources. Sorry to offend anyone who does actually try to contribute with positive advice…peace out!


This is an insurance claim waiting to happen. Search downstreaming. Please.

There’s been a ton of wild stuff happen here, but that pic made me choke on air… There’s an infinitely better way.


Works great for getting salt off the underside of trucks. Not much help otherwise.


That’s exactly what I’m looking for here “constructive” criticism. Thank you @squidskc, I’ll look into that.

What I’m doing works, but I realize it’s not the best or safest way, hense, my reason for asking.


This is what you want. not a surface cleaner… Do some serious reading on here and you can learn a wealth of knowledge. Search downstreaming.


@SchertzServicesLLC dang it if that doesn’t look familiar lol! https://youtu.be/JjSwPvPhDTY


That was my greenest house yet. Really upscale neighborhood too. Lady cried when she saw it done.


Did you copy my marketing video? If so I’m flattered not mad. But the techno music sucks lol. I know mine does too.