Zero degree tips

What’s up guys. Hope everyone is good out there. I have a question. I’ve been soft washing a lot of houses. Just started this year. I love my M5 xjet. I just wish I could find a quality 0 degree tip. Mostly just for rinsing those high up hard to reach places. My red tip I have wastes so much water flow almost like a 15* when I’m spraying straight up. If only I could get that steady rope stream when spraying up. Idk what to get. Only see downstream quality tips. I only use xjet no die streaming. So any advice would be appreciated! Thank you !

If you 're xjetting you aren’t soft washing. Get an 0040 or 0050 zero nozzle and try it for rinsing

You can fan out the water flow. Idk if you know much about the M5 XJet. It’s just an alternative to downstreaming without chemicals running through your machine. If I want more pressure for stubborn stains I can just adjust the nozzle. Thanks for the tip advice.

I owned the first one 2 years before Mike sold them to the public. It’s a fine tool. But, it’s not a low pressure nozzle

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Well then you know a lot about them then lol. I like to just take the XJet off use a 0 degree nozzle to get to the peaks of a house without climbing up a ladder. The standard red tip seems to be alright. Just thought there was something out there with a tight line of water flow. To avoid more of the spray when spraying vertical

that’s what the 0040 and 0050 do

I use the shooter tip or what ibs said. The shooter tip gets a few extra foot with my machine. It would probably work better with a higher gpm then my 5gpm

Here is a list of nozzles and what pressure they’ll put out. You can get any of them it whatever degree pattern you want.

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