Zaxbys estimate

Hey everyone. Newbie here and I need some help! I just got offered to be in charge of pressure washing 3 different Zaxbys every two weeks. They want their parking lot, trash bin area, and walking areas done.

Two things

  1. I only have a 4200 psi 4gpm cold water pw. Is this enough to get it done or do I need a hot pressure washer?
  2. The first Zaxbys is 30 minutes from me and the other two are in a town that’s an hour away.


THe standard answer here is something along the lines of:
Figure out how long it will take you, figure out how much you want to make an hour. Second, are they doing this monthly, every other month, or only when it is real bad. The reason they will say this is because intially it will take longer, and regualr maintenance runs will be a little shorter, so factor that in. Other factors to consider: when can you start work and is it night work? do they have water available?

Lots of people here will recommend hot water, but it isn’t required.

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Okay so I have a correction, he doesn’t want the entire parking lot done every two weeks. Just the drive through, trash areas, and where customers walk

Try to work out a deal for free chicken for life. I’d shoot for Chick Fil A personally.


Its a greasy chicken joint, Grease is cleaned better and faster with chems and HOT water, Just like dirty dishes in a sink. No hot water, Way more chems and time.
Honestly you can do it with a 115V 1700 psi ryobi from HD and purple power, But Id never try it.

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Hot water preferred for restaurants, makes life easier I do know that. I have hot, will never turn back. Comes in handy with bad residential flat surfaces too. That’s just me though.