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Just launched my first you-tube ad. It’s hard to watch anything online anymore and not get a you-tube advertisement! I figured I would give it a try. Has anyone else done this? My advertisement will play a video before they can watch what they set out for. Or they can “skip” and it wont cost me anything. If they watch or click on my ad it will cost me an estimated .01-.03 cents per click.


That’s pretty good numbers. How does it geographically

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Yes, the target areas are set up with adwards by google. It’s all done through google. It looks like I will have over 10,000 views per month with my target market and the search terms I set. Basically anyone looking for home improvement or gardening videos will get slapped.


I like that. Keep us in the loop on your results.


I have never run an ad on YouTube because I personally skip 95% of the ads that play before a video. Many times I skip the video altogether if the ad doesn’t have a skip button.

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Mine will have a skip option but my video choice shows a really bad algae picture right up front. Hoping that it’s worth it.


Those are great numbers per click. Sounds like a win win since they cant skip for like 5 or so seconds anyway. So if done right you can at least make an impression for free with an image business name and number within two seconds of the video

Good luck to ya sir!

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I would say to have an AWESOME before and after in the first 3 seconds. Most have the skip after 4 seconds. You need to grab the attention FAST. Might work. For .01-.03 a click that is a value.

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This is the chosen video


In the first 3 seconds all I saw was a moldy house. Sorry, but I have hit the skip button. Nothing captivating or holding my attention.

Put your final shot first. Show moldy and then clean within 3 seconds. Then go on the show cleaning.


It’s what I had made already. We shall see!

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If my house looked like that I’d watch… perfect hook in my opinon


I sometimes only listen to YouTube; I hate ads that don’t say anything, like there’s one where all you hear is swishing noises then an echoing voice says a weird word at the end, I finally saw the video recently, apparently he says Kleen-brite.

Also i feel bad for the companies that don’t mention what they do and their name at the beginning before i skip

If I’m only listening then i won’t skip the add, so sometimes all i hear is the music of the add

Sometimes I will watch the add on purpose to support the channel, hopefully they get paid for it



I am getting a 51.6% view rate. So far I have had 1 call from the video ad asking me for an estimate on a deck wash.


Your paying by the views?


I think I only pay for clicks. Could be wrong!

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