Your tactic to reach out to possible commercial work?

Over the last few weeks ive had my eyes on a few commercial jobs that ive seen around. They havent reached out to any other companies to do this work (from what i can tell) so i was considering reaching out to them. What is your spiel to get return reponses from potential customers aside from normal residential?

So you already gave them a quote?

Yeah this is tough to answer because all of our commercial work came to me via HomeAdvisor or found us on google.

But most commercial property is owned by a company off site and might even be in another state. They make the decisions. First step is finding out who owns/manages the property. Then you can contact them.

We have a big company here called City Wide Maintenance also. All they do is commercial property maintenance as a third party. If we weren’t so busy I’d have called to try to get on their subcontractor list.
Anyway… find a company like that near you and call and ask if they do the pressure washing or if they need subs.


Tons of small and even large businesses manage locally and often the local manager can go to some preset limit on they’re own. Just stop by and cold call them. Every commercial account I’ve got I just did a cold call on. Strip centers usually local property management firm in most cases. 9 times out of 10 they’ve got a big frigging sign with their info on.