Your direct mail strategy

Last week, my first piece ever went out on that Thursday and Friday…to almost 9,000 addresses.

It was a networking group card that I had a space in, first ever time doing it for all 8 of us.

Was a total

I received 2 inquires from it, just tire kickers…

Oh well, it was worth a shot. At least I was only $280 bucks deep into it.

Definitely have to go a different route if I do EDDM in the spring

Yep, I learned the hard way just last month that sharing with other companies like that is a waste (for me anyway). Gotta go solo or possibly tag team with a company that it makes sense to go in with.

Yeah, a card with 8 different companies advertising it’s services seems like it would be to to chaotic, especially for a mailer. How big was the card? Do you mind showing us what it looked like?

I hate being right, Trey.

Yeah I know…n00b mistake of mine…never again…

Well, the good news is it only cost you $280. I’ve wasted a lot more than that on different “advertising” campaigns I was trying for the first time. You mentioned these went out last week? While two calls out of 9,000 homes initially is discouraging, I think there is still plenty of time before you should give up on it’s potential. Maybe they are holding onto your card because they want to wait till it gets closer to the holidays? (Do you still PW in November/December? - Here in Florida, it’s still possible and we see an increase in these calls for those months)

What I’ve learned and benefited from on the forums with EDDM: try a smaller sample piece (maybe 500-800) and send the same card every month for 3 or 4 months. That might get you better results. A lot of people need to see your brand/advertising multiple times before they commit to calling you.

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Yea I tried this type of thing with a local guy that coordinated it… It didnt do to hot but the card kinda sucked ba quality… And the services were very unrelated… I think it might be better with super complimentary services.

Pressure cleaning / Window cleaners / Carpet cleaners / maybe a light guy…