Your best hose?

I need to order some hose asap and wanted to get some opinions. Heres where I’m at so far. I have a small piece of Goodyear yellow hose that was given to me when I got laid off three years ago and it’s still kicking. Not only is it in service but its the piece of hose that I use at the gun so it really takes a beating. I have about 400 feet of grey non marking that I have had to have new ends pressed on several times…I know I won’t buy it again. I did have new ends put on the Good Year one time and it has a noticeably thicker internal wall and beefier external wall. I see that both Russ and Bob sell Spray Flex and Good Year.

Whats your experience with these two hoses?

Does anyone know if the Sray Flex is as beefy as the Good Year.

In regards to longevity, do you guys think that R2 hose holds up longer?..I’ve only used R1 to date.

Is there another hose that you love? Still talking pressure washing here…lol.

Thanks for your input.

I’ve been researching the same thing. Cant wait to see everyones input

If you are dragging steam filled hose at 4,000 psi across concrete, you will want R2 or better. If you are superman and don’t mind tugging extra weight around, you want R2. If you would rather fight heft, bulk, and weight than replace a hose end every once in a while, you want R2.

If you are primarily engaged in the cleaning of residential, don’t be a hero, get the one wire stuff.

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Ok so here’s a response that I got from another forum…I didn’t include the posters name bc i don’t have permission to.

[I][U]"Spray Flex is not as thick as Goodyear.
We only use R2 hose for the majority of the work we do which is commercial with hot water use etc. It’s thicker than R1, heavier, bulkier and a pain to deal with but it lasts longer than R1.
If your doing primarily residential than R1 is easiest option but again the R2 lasts longer.

I will say no matter what hose you use they don’t make them like they used to…"[/U][/I]

I suspected as much. So I think that I will do the first 200 ft Spray Flex R2 and the last 50ft. Good Year R1 for the added flexibility with durability when getting up in porches and etc. What do you guys think?

Edit: so after reading Tim’s post I’m thinking 1 wire Good year all the way around. Any others?

I think that we were posting at the same time.

Yeah…I just edited my post. Thank you for yours.

Tim do you have a preference on what brand?

I buy all of my hose from Bob. He’s an expert so I don’t have to be. I like the color blue though so I ask for one wire blue hose.

amen…that’s the gospel right there. I get everything from him so I’ll be giving him a call in the morning.

Not to sound like a pansy but I cleaned 500 yards of vinyl fence the other day and I wasn’t too thrilled about tugging that 1 wire around. I’m sure that r2 would have ****ed me off

I have one really old section of goodyear and the rest I have switched over to sprayflex.

My first 1 wire sprayflex hose I got 1 month ago busted on me the other day.

Bob mentioned that from time to time he had to warranty claim hoses

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I think they go in lots of what is good and what is bad. Your supplier will know which ones they are having issues with. I called Bob and his advice was the Goodyear Neptune non marking. Bob doesn’t ever sell anything to me that I don’t need and if he says what he would go with right now is the Goodyear, that’s what I am going with. There is a reason he is recommending it to me because I told him I want the best bang for the buck as far as least amount of trouble and the longest lasting wise. I have bought other hose and it has held up good too, but I usually trust my supplier not to steer me wrong.

So…thanks to the many who contributed to me learning this…

There are many hoses out there that are cheap to get and may or may not get you by for a lot or a little bit of time. The cheap 1 wire hoses have a thinner interior rubber wall and a thinner exterior wall. This is not a problem until you have a hose end fitting bust and you need to have it cut off and have a new one pressed on at the local Napa. The new fittings that need to be pressed on are really made for a thicker hose, like the Good Year Neptune. My experience, just over the last five days, is that I have taken the same two hoses to have the same fittings pressed on them at Napa 3 times. When they pressure up the fittings just blow right off. As soon as I get my order from Bob they are going straight to the dump. So it makes sense to make the investment into Good Year hose.

In regards to the R2 it was explained to me that I would be feeling the pain if I was trying to lug it all day around corners and etc. While it is great in regards to longevity, it is not desirable for much other than flat work. This is the case because it is extremely stiff and heavy.

Lastly, to echo Clearshine, Bob recommended the Good Year Neptune to me as well. I asked if he had a preference between the blue or the grey and he mentioned that he prefers the grey. This being the case because regardless of a hoses non marking feature, if you sand off the exterior of a blue hose you will end up with blue dust. Understanding that concrete is much like sandpaper, it becomes a clear choice to get the grey hose as it will be camouflaged if it does mark the concrete. This may be a finite point for some as I know many use the blue Neptune, but the one time that it is a problem I will be happy that took his advice and ordered the grey Neptune

Thanks again for all the great input guys!

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We only use r2 hose each machine has 400’ it’s really not that bad, just when we start reeling it all it we really should have bought the electric reels!

I had an electric hose reel (full disclosure it was a 1" inlet Hannay electric reel) and it was just as much work to me to fight putting them on there as it was cranking them. IMHO I also think that electric hose reels wear on the hoses and wears them out faster over time. It pulls on the hose with a lot more pressure than a hand crank does.

Great thread. I am looking into a new hose too. I have 150ft of blue that leaves marks. ( not the prettiest thing on black top driveways). I was looking into 2 wire but have just learned 1 wire will suffice for residential work. Thanks guys.

It it really depends on your machine the psi, hot or cold water. Your spike on your machine when you let off the trigger ( not everyone has a gauge on the machine) there is nothing worse than a high psi hose busting!

It really depends on your machines also what psi, hot or cold! There is nothing worse than a hose bustin

+1 I should note that my research was geared towards cold water up to 3500 psi for house/townhome/small apartments…essentially residential like structures.