You window cleaners will get a kick out of this

I just finished a sidewalk for a local restaurant and watching the sun come up when this lady who has to be in her upper 70s walked up carrying a step stool a couple of rags and a bottle of windex. She proceeded to walk behind the shrubs position her step stool and began cleaning windows. There’s forty windows and she cleans them in and outs using windex and has been doing this location for 19 years. All I could say was wow. She’s originally from England.


The window cleaner a local waffle house hires does the same thing except he doesn’t use rags he uses newpaper.

My eyes are burning.:flushed:

When I was in boot camp we used newspapers too. The only free time we got during boot camp was for like an hour on Sunday. We got to grab a paper after morning chow to read. Looking back I guess the only reason they even let us do that was so we had them to clean the windows. They seemed to work quite well. Better than paper towels because you didn’t get the little fuzz.


Does newspaper still work? I was told the older newspaper did

I use $100 bills now.


It’s supposed to, never tried it. Apparently the plain, non-printed stuff works best. Every few years I run into a ‘company’ that uses it.

I used to own a retail shop in a strip mall. The guy who cleaned my windows was “OG Bobby Wash”. He was also a rapper. Windex and news paper was his tools of choice.

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Apparently the soy-based inks used in newspapers today do not leave the same shine as the good ole petroleum inks of yesteryear. I’ve never tried either.

Plain, unprinted newspaper stock seems like the best bet if you’re dead-set on spray and wipe cleaning (not exactly sure where you’d get the stuff, though). Or, just learn how to use a squeegee :man_shrugging:

SprayWay with either broken-in surgical huck towels, or Scott brand (or cheaper) paper towels is going to get you the best possible spray and wipe results. Use two towels, one damp to scrub, and one wet to buff dry.

Generally speaking, the more expensive paper towels are lint-ier. I think my dad uses dollar store brand paper towels in his cleaning business, for that very reason. They really put the paper in paper towels :laughing: