Yelps new scheme

Hey guys, I just wanted to ask if any of you are being affected by Yelps new business messenger. Ever since they started asking me if I wanted to pay $8.00 a day for their new scheme I haven’t gotten any messages from customers.

Are any of you considering giving them your cc or debit card to use this new system. It basically asks you to pay for nearby jobs. Idk, seems a little sketchy.

He’ll no. First thing I learned in business is never pay another company to get you leads. Yelp has been reaching out to me every week too. Had it been $8 for every quote you give this may be worth it. But paying $8 a day no matter what never works out like you hope, that’s $250 a month for probably 4-5 actual leads

I know, I literally hate Yelp. But I’m a bit worried because nobody has been messaging me since September 16th. I’m nervous that their new approach has been affecting my biz. Or maybe the wildfires near the Bay Area.

If you’re paying $8 a day for nothing for over 3 weeks get out now. $8 on Facebook ads would at least get you a lead every other day if not every day when done right. My Facebook ads get about $10 per lead, I’m in a ■■■■■■ market but I know people who run at $3-5 a lead elsewhere. Feel free to check out my posts

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Thanks, I’m not paying for the $8/ day, and never would. F Yelp

I made a Yelp page just so people could see me on there. The only advertising I pay for is google ads. I paid for a BBB membership this year with only 1 lead which ghosted after a day. Not sure if I want to keep them or not. I just like the logo on my website and the fact that I’m an “accredited” business. That means lots to customers around me, being trusted that is.

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Same here. But the nice thing with BBB is that I got one job from it and it paid itself for like 18 months! It was a nice one $$$ :smile:

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I told Yelp my business is permanently closed so they would remove my listing because of their new policies.

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What’s up everyone!

I’m new here, my name is Shane and I own a window/gutter/pressure washing business in Sacramento, California. I started my business when I was 22 and I’ve learned so much so far and couldn’t be happier with the entrepreneurial life.

I pay $750 for yelp ads and it is so worth it. I make a good amount and it exposes you to the neighborhood where you can hand out cards/flyers and talk to the neighbors which will always lead to more jobs :facepunch:t2:

Every market is different though. I use BBB too but that’s just for the professionalism.

@Bigbendwashpros and @MPW please follow the Forum rules and watch the language. Thanks.

You get messages from Yelp? Never had a yelp message. That must be special.

What county are you located in?

How many leads are you getting with $750 of yelp ads

Yelp, angie list, home advisor, etc. are bs imho. Show up on time, work your behind off going above and beyond, ask every customer for a review and referrals, post pics and updates to Google my business and your fb page. Do this and in short time you will never need to pay any bs company for a lead.


San Mateo

191 customer leads for $750 in the last 30 days.

Just in October We have made $4,250 from yelp.

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Good for you :+1:

Didn’t work for us though.

$4000 off of 191 leads has you making $22 per lead. Sounds like a lot of wasted time following up on all those leads to me. Also $4250 worth of work for $750 in marketing is pretty poor for conversions. I typically get $1000-1500 for every $100 I spend


Yeah 4K is October 1st until now. We made 8.3k total in the 30 days of ads. It makes us a bunch of money consistently for many years! What do you use that gets you a 10-15x roi? That’s super good and I’m happy that there’s a better option out there.

I just got in all my parts to start roof washing thanks to @TexasPressureWashing I followed your 12v setup and everything came in today. I’m super stoked to start washing roofs so a big thanks to you man :facepunch:t2:

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Let me know how it turns out. Glad it helped.

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