Yelp Ad’s?

Anyone doing Yelp Ads? We tried them for 3 months and it sucked! Cheapy clients just looking the cheapest price yet looking for quality work lol! They want that 5 star guy but get him on a bidding war, is what we found out.

I keep getting these calls, now they don’t have contracts. Just wondering if anywone is using the nee program?

Have you tried Adwords?

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Same crap man.

@squidskc Has had very positive experiences with these kinds of online services. I have not. I find that the vast majority are bottom feeders looking for the lowest price.

I also have not invested so perhaps my opinion is not as valuable.

I have also had colleagues that use adwords or homestars and are very happy.

I just have not had the same experience.

Yelp is the worst… Thumbtack is a very close second. I hate both of them. Wasted a lot of money on yelp for a little while.


Our luck with Adwords has been way better!!! I was just curious to hear your response.

I think the hardest part of yelp, is that coustomers actually are loooking for good work! Lol but they want to pay pennies!

Adwords on the other hand has been better, but lots of testing… Lots of money to get the ad to perform well… Its the frustrating part of it

What are you doing now?

We used thumbtack a lot our first year, and even with all the nonsense of pumping out quotes and not hearing back many times, surprisingly we also landed many jobs (50). But only 10 last year and 0 this year so I gave up on them. Plus, they’ve raised their prices big time.

I was tempted to sign up with yelp when they had an offer for 30k points with a $300 spend with an Amex. I passed on it. The drama of dealing with them if you want to cancel was a huge deterrent.


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I have not tried Yelp ads (or much paid advertising, period).

But my observation has been that practically none of our customers have ever used yelp (I always ask them if they use it, before requesting a review).

That indicates to me, that Yelp users are not within the demographic I’m targeting :face_with_monocle:

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I think SouthPark killed yelps ratings lol

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