Yellowish residue on the vinyl siding - what the heck is it? (video)

Immediately as I walked up to the house I could see something wasn’t right. Here’s what the siding looked like before I washed it:

I ds with elemonator. This morning I was using 8.25% 3 gal SH to 1 gal water. It cleaned the mold off the walls with little effort. So I’m not questioning the strength of the SH I used. But this yellowish residue wouldn’t go away. Even with some pressure (while holding the rinsing nozzles real close). it looks almost like a very thick layer of pollen. But it isn’t the pollen. I washed the neighbors house same day in the afternoon. The neighbor’s house didn’t have anything like that.

It runs down in streaks some. But for the most part it just stays on the siding. When I rub my glove against the siding - it gets all over my hand. But the pressure does almost nothing. Let alone regular rinsing.

Here’s a video that I shot this morning while washing customer’s house.

Yellowish run off. Power Washing. - YouTube

Has anybody seen anything like that before? What causes this? How do you get it off?


Alex K. with Northside Power Washing of Delmarva
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It looks likes it’s some type of run off from underneath the siding.

Ask the owner how old the siding is and is it something they had installed while living there.

Could be a $hit job installing the siding and not properly using the right backer board under the siding.

From behind you think? I don’t know, for the most part it seemed to be evenly spread over the entire surface. The streaks were there from the previous pressure washing attempt (by the owner).

The house is old. And the owner built it himself. And the siding was installed by the owner too.

Alex K. with Northside Power Washing of Delmarva
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It is called oxidation.

The sun causes it.

It is a dead layer of siding on the siding.

Dealing with oxidation requires restoration grade processes.

The price starts at four times what wash would cost.

We avoid it in all cases.

You should be able to see more variation in the surface sheen/finish in the areas you rubbed and pressure washed too close.

Especially after it dries for a day or two.

I’m with you on oxidation, and or someone tried cleaning it already with the wrong cleaners and didn’t rinse properly.

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