Yard Signs

My new yard signs for this year.

Dan Dinkins
HydroPlus Power Washing


They’re sharp.
Do they pass the visibility test?

This style has worked extremely well for me. I want my potential customers to see what service I provide first. Once they see that and it pops in there head that they might need that service, they will slow down and get the contact information. That’s why I have the number as the second largest. I see all the time where people have there company name as the biggest part of their yard sign and so many people ride past and don’t even notice anything about pressure washing. I learned this method from someone who has a very successful pressure washing company and it has worked very well for me.

Dan Dinkins
HydroPlus Power Washing

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Also the sign is 24 x 18 so everything appears much larger when you see it in person.

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Hey Dan,
Curious to know what kind of response rate you get from yard signs?

Yours look great BTW, I might copy it if you don’t mind?

My signs have the phone number just as big as the service. My company name is smalled thing on the signs… People are driving they don’t care about ur name there gonna take down the phone number because of the service. They will figure out the name when they call. In my opinion people in general are lazy there not gonna turn around and squint there eyes to see contact information.

i think of business names as ego… what I really need more then ego is for them to know what service im offering and how to contact me. Beef that phone number up.

I want to change my company name …I no longer Mow lawns and now I focus on pressure washing , window cleaning…but I find that no one cares what the buisness is called it’s what you do and how you represent yourself…love the sign !!! And good call with the format … service first then number buisness name optional

nice signs dan, i ordered mine today and i am going to be the guy that puts his signs on every telephone pole and intersection in the area, two other business owners in the area have been doing it for years and are raking in the cash, now its my time

Do many of you pay for a monthly ad in the paper?
I started a 1x1" ad in classified last year. I got a couple a month once even got 4 jobs.
This cost me last year $85 a month.
I start March 1 and stop Nov 1st

This year Im going to 1x2" it will cost me $140 a month.
Not locked into can go back to 1x1 but thought lets see.how this does

Just wondering who used the paper for monthly ads??
I also put this sign in the yard which job I’m doing and leave it there 2 days if get OK.
I also put this sign coming in/out of nice gated community

nice sign david,i am sure that will work for you. I stopped using the papers a few years ago, they would not even pay for the ad. my customers up here are from the city in mass. so they do not read the local paper!.

My opinion:
(2 Things)

1: Too much going on on that sign…A service (NOT services, plural), website and phone number will get their attention…let your website introduce them to your services

2: The word “me” screams “I’m just working out of the back of my truck for beer money, and I won’t be in business next month”, whether that’s the case or not. Always use the words “us” or “we” when possible…customers want to hire a “company”, not a “guy”…whether that “company” is one, two, or 36 people.