Yard Sign Design

Couldn’t find the thread I was looking for where @squidskc was talking about what should be on them. Took the advice about moving the logo and being blunt. Let me know if this is the right direction. Everyone can chime in too. Thanks


Couldn’t be more perfect.

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Boomtime, thanks

I wouldn’t have put on the email. If no website, then I just would have made “House Washing” and your phone number even bigger - left the logo as is. Also, probably would have just used “House Wash” (no -ing).

But I’m just being a b%tch now - sorry. Looks good. What you do and how to contact - that’s 99% of it.

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Thanks Mike. I thought about replacing the email with website or social media emblems once the website is up and running

Looks great!

Only thing Id change would be the email address. Remove that and put CALL or TEXT.

People hate talking on phone Ive closed alot of jobs over texts. Its sad but a part of this world we live in now.

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I like these signs and I’m thinking of doing something similar. How did these signs work out for you? I’m trying to ramp up on some low cost forms of advertising to counter the poor market right now.

Honestly, I buy the cheap yard signs and leave them in yards after a service. Place them at the entrances of neighborhoods, but most of the neighborhoods have some sort of HOA that forbids signs in yards that aren’t having work actively done. The ROI on yard signs as “cold calls” is low. The best you can hope for it for the neighbors to call you after they see the quality of work you offer and just exposure for your number. I wouldn’t spend a huge amount of time on the signs, just stay basic and don’t expect miracles.

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You have website instead of email in that spot or call now in bold.

UZ Marketing. Get 100 signs for $99 and just leave em in customers’ yards. I tell my customers they can throw them away if they’d like.

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