Xterior sales

I couldn’t say anything for the last couple of months, but as of today my buddy Diego at MVP Landa has bought Xterior.


What’s xterior?

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Best wishes to your buddy with the new business!

Yeah spill the beans grump, what’s xterior all about?

It’s the company that makes the x-jet

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You beat me to it Max.

That’s awesome, good for Diego

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Ken kept the rights to Xjet that he bought from the inventor, Mike Baker. MVP is bought the store and gutter zap recipe. It will become another MVP store. Xterior was about the first real washing store


Gotcha, cool nonetheless.

We wish him much success

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No kidding. That’s awesome.

I haven’t dealt much with Diego. But his son is the best troubleshooter I’ve ever met.


Nick is awesome for sure

Dont know this Diego you speak of frequently… but good for him. He sure would have made a killing if he was able to get these Xjet nonsense operational.


You should at least have five SS 1/4" and 3/8" male nipples on hand that’s your bad too lol

He didn’t buy the xjet patent or business. Diego is truly a vendor for the contractor. If it’s not a great product, he won’t sell it. You won’t see general pumps, pressure pros or similar stuff in any of his five stores


Not that i disagree that i should have a spare… but i literally have zero need for a 1/4” plug like i would need…i just carry extra turbo. And yes i should have checked before trying to put in action.

But come on dude… you ship a product out to vendor (that many of us here use) and that is what is received is a joke. I still haven’t swapped out that plug on the M5 and honestly doubt i will. Xterior asked for details and made no effort to make it right, nor did vendor after asking and sending pics.

I wont make a fuss like some, but glad to hear someone good in the business has taken over the good portion of the Xterior company.

Pm me your address and I’ll send you one :blush: