Xjet vs diy softwash

I am looking for a cheap way to get a higher percentage of SH.

My equipment is currently on order. I am getting a 5.5 gpm belt drive pump w/ 20 surface cleaner. The downstream is an 8 to 1. I know this will only give me approx. 1 to 1.5% depending on SH. Which is best for house washes but I want the higher percentage for flat work. Not interested in softwashing roofs for awhile.

At the moment, I am tapped out and can’t spend much more until I start making some money. I was contemplating either buying a Xjet M5 or building a cheap DIY batch mix softwash (basically a pump, tank, battery and hose/nozzle).

What are everyone’s thoughts? Would it be best to buy the xjet for now until I can buy a full softwash system or will the diy batch mix be good? Any other ideas would be great aswell.

Housewash mix is fine for pre and post treat of concrete. Save your money

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I would go with a 12v. Dragging a bucket of chemicals around is backwards thinking.


I hear alot of guys saying 3-5% percent is ideal, expectally for dirty concrete/brick/stucco

I saw that you can add a 100ft of hose to the xjet. So you don’t have to lug the bucket around as much.

That doesn’t work in reality, and are you going to drag around a xjet hose and have to roll it up? Don’t get wrapped up with percentages. You don’t need an xjet or 12v for 95% of concrete. And who wants to clean all the concrete out there anyway?

Both an xjet and a small 12v system are handy things to have on the truck. Though depending on what you end up washing mostly, you might not end up using either one very often.

The classic xjet adapted to use quick connect nozzles is what I keep in my toolbox. I have it attached to ~3 feet of chemical hose, and just draw from a gallon jug I hold in my opposite hand. I rarely have much to wash with it, so it works out perfect. Also comes in handy for applying OneRestore or F9 for rust or fallout removal. I usually throttle the machine down to keep the splash-back to a minimum.


Oh man, you should see the driveways here. Fully half need way more than housewash mix with all the embedded lichens and 40 years of layered dirt and algae.

I built a portable 12v with a $70 2gpm pump, $50 AGM powersports battery, ammo box and Flexzilla hose. Works very well until I graduate to a trailer mounted 12v.

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Xjet will give you 3% with straight 12.5 in the bucket and no proportioner. You go thru the bucket in about 5 minutes on the trigger.

Go with the M5.

Can’t do roofs with it. Too much volume and not high enough %.

Building a DIY 12v system is fine but will run you about 1K with reel and 200’ hose.
Shipping on the tank will be more than the tank. Don’t lose your head about it. :yawning_face:

I already have a 15gal SH tank, so looks like I’ll need the pump, hose, proportioner and hose reel. I already have an xjet, collects dust in my tool box.

I won’t be doing roofs, just various pre-post treating.