Xjet orifice replacement

I’m trying to replace the orifice in my xjet. Not the proportioner, but the actual orifice. There’s a little spring in there. It seems like the tension in that spring depends on how far I screw in the QC. If I screw it all the way in, the orifice doesn’t have room to move at all. Is this an important calibration thing that I should be worried about or can I just eyeball it?

Also, what’s the best way to clean out corrosion? I want to soak it in something and clean all the garbage out.

I don’t know much about orifice replacement on it, but I replace the brass barb probably monthly. This is my 2nd x-jet since the other one got funky.

I just haven’t had an opportunity to take it apart and make the calls to people who know so I’m curious as well.

As far as corrosion I keep a bucket of vinegar for throwing crusty stuff in overnight then I use fluid film or this stuff. Only real difference is this stuff is 1/3 the cost and it’s thicker. Both work for about a month.

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overnight vinegar bath


I don’t know much about orifices.

On another forum, i saw some really knowledgeable guys recommend antifreeze to soak fittings and tips in. Some cut a hole in a one gallon jug, and put their wand tip in it every day.

You scare me sometimes, lol. What’s a gallon of vinegar cost? Vinegar has a ph of 3, the same as citric acid that you can mix 8oz with gal of water and get same result for about $.25. Or you can just use coke which has Phosphoric acid which is also a ph3. Basically when you’re soaking it in vinegar, you’re just soaking it in acid. Problem with any of these is you need to rinse real well and oil or it will just rust back up.

Anti-freeze will work better because it has additives in it to prevent rust and corrosion.

Guys, if you’re going to be in this industry, learn some chem basics.


I have a college degree and still managed to avoid taking a single chemistry class somehow. Which may explain why it’s the Wild West when it comes to my chem usage. Lol

Everything that goes in the bucket gets rinsed well at the spigot… but the acid thing explains why it cleans rust so dang well. I’ve used coke for cleaning oil stains before too because Pepsi is for drinking. Coca-Cola is for pouring on the ground. :joy:

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Works good on cucumbers also

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Correction Cola-Cola is for Captain Morgan.

Sometimes I think my great ancestors were pirates man do I love me some Rum and Coke.


Im digging this scale thanks @Racer

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Pepsi, Pepsi. I didn’t think anyone above the age of 12 drank that stuff. But you are in Kansas City. Here in the deep south, it’s Coke territory.:grinning:

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Sorry instock, You had a serious question and this thread has taken a serious detour.

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I used vinegar for rusty tools too I just saturate them in oil after. This table is great. Thanks Racer.

Well, I put the new orifice in using a few different combinations of torque and Teflon tape. It works fine until I open up the chem valve. Then it just turns into a massive gush of mist. Oh well. Maybe this is my excuse to upgrade to the M5.

Hey man. I found orifice replacements for $20 at KEC Supplies. I’m gonna take apart my old X-jet M5 in the next two weeks. What’s the PSI and GPM are you using? If it fits yours and I don’t butcher it after tinkering, I’ll send it to you.

That’s very kind of you, sir. I’m running 4000 PSI @ 4 GPM.

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