Xjet M5 on an extension wand. Gravity, will it work?

Hi all. I’ve been lurking for a while. First off I would like to thank everyone here for taking the time to contribute to this online community. Because of you guys I’m able to go on a job with some confidence that I know what the heck I’m doing. Usually I can find everything I need to know with the search function, but not so much for this question.

I recently used USPS EDDM for a neighborhood with some huge houses and many are really high. I didn’t realize how high until I started quoting them. I don’t want to get on a job and figure stuff out on site. I’ll be testing the below method at my own home later today but I wanted to know what some more expierenced people thought first.

Can I use my xjet m5 extended vertically up about 10’ on an extension wand without problems or will gravity cause loss of suction. This happen while down streaming. I’m trying to get a few extra feet.

How high are you needing to spray?

Adapt your xjet to have a quick connect on the end, and use the extension lance after the xjet. That way you don’t have the extra weight and hose dangling around at the end of the gun.


I do what @Infinity described, also I ran into a 40 ft side a few weeks ago that I broke out a 25ft pressure washing extension pole with the Xjet on the end (I use 50ft of Xjet hose). It worked great, hold the trigger though don’t cycle it. It takes a few seconds for the vacuum to build up to pull it straight up 25 ft. About the only good thing for an extension pole, have to break it out maybe twice a year.

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Also putting the Xjet behind your lance and using a soap tip at the end of the lance will give you more distance then DS. It gives it a little ump

Whatever you do be aware that the x jet does put out a decent amount of pressure and keep a safe distance.

About 45-50 feet. Thanks for all of the suggestions. I’m going test it out now in my back yard. Would rather learn on my own time and property then look silly to a customer. Really appreciate this community


Alex, I’d like to see what you describe. Could you please post a pic?


Usually run a JROD on the end instead of the Xjet nozzle.

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Nicely done, my brothers. From what I see you only get a couple of extra feet from that configuration. I have an 18’ extention pole that beats the sh!+ out of me, but lately have run into chimneys (today once again, actually) that with the wind are just beyond my reach.

I’m almost ready to go to DSI but will need to invest in the remote off/on switch to make that leap. I may adapt my XJet to work like Daniel’s and try it with that 18’ MONSTROSITY to get that extra 10 or 20 feet. Ill post my results.

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Use the extension pole in a pinch. Usually just putting the xjet before a 12 in lance with a stream soap tip gets me an extra 5ft plus stream not mist


I also have a 3 foot extension wand. Haven’t needed it yet as the shooter works just fine. On a windy day like what we’ve been having, it makes it a little more difficult with the 1 foot, but not impossible.

Agree with @Patriotspwashing

HMMM, should have pulled out the Shooter today. Need to reintegrate into my arsenal, but with this wind I need to rethink getting to high surfaces.

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