Xjet gpm for more chemical

Would it be better to get a A 2 to 3.5 gpm or 4 to 6 GPM xjet for a 4 gallon per minute machine? I want to use alot of chemical. Let me know ow if anyone has experience. Thanks you all!

Then buy a 12V if you want to use a lot of chem for some reason.

@squidskc was telling me the smaller orifice kinda works better for a 4gpm machine… at least for what he uses it for. I have a 4 gpm machine and I have an xjet that’s got a #7 orifice for 2.5 gpm machines. I’ll certainly let you know how it works for me when I finally use it… that is, if you haven’t figured it out by then ! Good luck …

Without knowing the reason or how much chemical you want to use, this is tough to answer. Which is why you’re not getting much…

I’m doing stucco homes with my 4gpm machine so I need to apply more chemical then down stream so I was curious if I should get the 2.5-3.5 gpm xjet or the 4-6 gpm xjet.

I always go one step down.

Lol I ordered the 4-6 already but I’m hoping it should apply enough chemical for stucco . Let me know what you guys think. Thank you very much for the input!

Just don’t use a very long hose and don’t expect It to pull while up on a ladder.

Other than that I’ll work on short hoses and from the ground.

Thankks @squidskc what kinda if ratio should I expect to be able to pull?

gbattle gave you a link the other day. Other than that every machine is different with different hoses, etc. the card that comes with it is a guideline. You’ll have to do a bucket test to be sure.

I thought alot of people run the xjet without an office and adjust the mix.

Ok thanks @squidskc I’ll be sure to let you know how I make out thank for the input I’ve been doing alot of research on here from you and @Racer and best thing I’ve seen is learn one service at a time and slowly build my arsenal. I see all kinds of cool roof pumps and trailers that I want to dive into but I’m going to start with getting good at the house washing. I live in South Florida and we have mostly stucco so thanks for all your guys advice.


Maybe some do. The x-jet comes with proportioners. It’s easier to swap a proportioner than mix up different batches.

The comments I’ve read have just said that it’s easy to lose them. I guess if you put one in and didn’t change it?

Used my xjet for the first time today at my moms house… i know it has its place and the chemical bucket def got drawn down quickly. Overall i know it has its place and i will use it when needed, but not a fan… dont see me reaching for it over the DS.


They’re easy to lose, but that’s why people buy multiples. They’re cheap. And really you only need the strongest 2 or 3 and none at all.


If you don’t have a 12v you’ll find a use for it. The x-jet is how I pre treat really bad driveways. Just spring clip the hose in the tank, pretreat. Take the hose out. Go to town.

Had a farm house about a month ago the customer and I kinda misunderstood each other on the phone, the siding on 3 sides was clean as a whistle, but the north side was funkytown, USA. I asked if I could pull up right along side the house. Pulled my pressure hose off about 15 feet. X-jetted it super strong, and rinsed it in less than 10 minutes. Didn’t even hook up to the faucet. Used what was in the tank. Charged $79 for the service call instead of the $379 for the whole house.

Between the half hour drive there/back and the time it would’ve taken to unreel all 225’ of pressure hose if the injector didn’t pull with it all on the reel. And if I had to hit it a second time… I would’ve lost money. That day I was superrrr grateful for the x-jet. Lol

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Oh without a doubt, it has its place. I am going to experiment with adding chimneys as extra service with house washes this year. Wouldnt be able to do it without x-jet, cause im not getting on ladder and using pump sprayer.

And yes, will take it out for driveways now that i have had the chance to play with it… i did like the M5 nozzle, but i still rinsed with jrod today.

It has it’s place alright. Somewhere in the bottom of my storage box where it’s been for about 2 years now. I did use it one time about then for pretreating a drive. Never used it since. Maybe that’s the reason I still have all my proportioners, lol.

The only reason I got in the first place was to shoot Plant Wash quick after a roof job, but I rarely need, and if I do, I just drop my IPS sprayer tube in the xjet bucket I carry it in and spray with it.

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Saw those a whole back, i dont have a need for one… but how much output do they provide?