Xjet compatibility?

Compatibility might not be the right word…

But i have one for my 5.5 gpm machine (i hate it and only use it for concrete). But my buddy wants to clean his cabin in the mountains.

He is gonna take my little 2.8 gpm machine in the truck and use the XJet for a larger machine. Will that work?

I dont wanna explain how to DS, xjet is pretty straight forward… and i would have to send less equipment up with him.

Nada? Really dont want to have to test this crap out.

Probably wont work well. I cant imagine it will shoot very far at all

Possibly. I use an 8gpm x jet on a 5.5gpm machine sometimes

Its a small cabin, and honestly dont care how much bleach he has to go through.

Ill hook it up and see what it does this week.

I’m going to say it will work. I used a 3gpm machine to DS my dad’s house with a M5DS tip meant for 5.5…I did test it out first. I agree that xjet would be easier to use than explaining DS…it’s just a pain and he’ll probably knock over a bucket or two on the lawn

It will work just fine. Don’t even test it. Send him out with it. I’m 100% it will work

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Ok 10-4… lol.

Its a hunting cabin, his parents use through out year for weekend getaway… doesnt have to be pretty.

My x jet pulled suction running off of the end of a 12 volt.