X-Jet troubleshooting

Hi all. I have a new X-Jet which I was testing out today, and it’s not doing what I expected. The stream coming out seems really misty. I was only trying to hit about 20 feet in height, but it seemed so wispy that I really doubt I could hit the claimed 40 feet.

I’m wondering if I was sold an X-Jet with too small of an orifice??? I have a 4gpm 4,000psi unit.

I posted a short 15 sec video on youtube here:

XJetTest - YouTube

I’m just spraying plain water to test the stream. Any opinions?

That looks about right. I just don’t care for the xjet unless I’m applying a strong acid cleaner to concrete.

That looks like an xjet. Slow things down, hold it in one place and the soap will eventually get there.

Now that you know that it works, put it back in the tool box so you know where it is if you ever really need it. Then call Bob and get hooked up with the proper down streamer and nozzles.

The x-jet is a handy tool to have. We used one one time on a really dirty EIFS Dunkin Donuts. That job took forever with the x-jet. No wait, the x-jet worked fine but every thirty minutes the manager brought me a cup of coffee and fresh pastries. I never wanted that job to end.

Thanks guys for taking a look at the video. Yes, I’m a little underwhelmed with how it works. I think I’ll be switching to downstreaming pretty soon. It’s a shame because I had intended to downstream anyway, but I got talked into the X-Jet instead.

Hey Tim, you’re just up the road from where we are. Nice to meet ya.

So why is it still a handy tool? I suppose you can do higher ratios than a downstreamer’s 10:1, right? Is that really a useful ability?

Howdy neighbor.

I see you have Hagerstown listed as a service area. That’s cool, I’ll still help you all that I can anyway. Just don’t come up here giving work away and we’ll get along just fine:). Can I flip some windows to you though?

I ordered an xjet because I didn’t have one and I like options. We used it on the efis job I talked about. It really did lay the hypo on the wall. Now we just break out the roof pump for heavy ugliness.

Edit to add: Some people say that the xjet is a great rinse tool. Personally, the incessant hissing of an xjet irritates me so it’s back on the shelf.

Hey Tim, I know we’ll get along fine! We’re on the same forum, so we’re probably already “on the same page” in more ways than one… know what I mean? :wink:

Well I guess I’ll keep the X-Jet… in the toolbox. Meanwhile, I’m off to see a man about some nozzles…

I found xjetting to just be messy with carrying around a bucket with you everywhere, what do you do on steep slopes?

Tu use the xjet pail system. It’s a closed 5 gal container that you hook your hose to for xjeting. X-jet has been around for a long time. That’s how everyone use to make their money with. Don’t give up on the xjet. It’s still a great tool to have a use.

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I used the x - jet full time for 2 seasons (that’s a lot of house washes) and would never say a thing against it although I now tend to DS. Is it perfect? No - but what is in life? Give it a chance, experiment with the proportioners and once you find the right mix of chems and setup you may just like it :slight_smile: As others have said it can be a useful full tool for proportioning different strengths of chem.

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Every now and then ill pull it out and use it for a cpl house washes. I have one for both machines. I mainly use DS but if I have to apply some acids or other chem strong ill use a m-5 xjet

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