X jet question. How do you guys use it?

So my system’s down stream injector does not work with the length of hose I’m running. I’m now running a xjet. I’m still getting used to it, but I did a job the other day and it worked out alright I guess. Got the job done, chemical was on the house. But it’s a huge hassle hauling around a cumbersome 5 gallon mix of SH. The hose kept falling out the bucket, it was awkward…but it worked. Huge problem I had was that I took the hose off the x jet to rinse, I came back and almost all my house wash was gone because it caused a suction/syphon effect. Also, I knocked a whole bucket over not once, but TWICE. God it was so embarrassing. And she left a negative review on my fb page because I left a big dead spot in her yard :scream_cat: So, now that I’ve humbly explained my first time with the xjet, does anybody have advice on how they haul around this cumbersome tool. Thank you :blush:

Accidents happen, but you definitely earned that bad review. I’m sure you know that as well.

If you’re going to use X-Jet instead of DSing for now, buy a dolly/hand truck/whatever you want to call it. Strap a 15 gallon barrel to it (check car washes, they get soap in these). Buy some longer poly braid hose. You shouldn’t have any issues with 50 feet. You might can even go longer and still draw chem. When you want to rinse, just turn the valve off - no need to take the entire hose off. Consider modding your X-Jet to use with low pressure nozzles. You can do a search on YouTube for it and get a couple of videos.

That’s all I have for ya. I have this setup for stronger applications on concrete. It will work on houses too - it just isn’t as ideal as DSing.

Edit: It’ll be almost impossible to knock over a dolly full of chem, but it is possible. Just exercise caution and always be aware of where your hose is.


Thank you @Mr_G I appreciate the advice. Helps a lot

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Go down a size or two on your DS Injector. That’ll allow you to pull chems on a longer hose. Use a bypass or 3 way valve to shutoff your soap.

What length of hose are you running? Some of the guys here run 500 feet of
hose and are still down streaming. I would sooner spend a day with general
population maximum security than x-jet all day, but that is just me!

You can buy a 5 gal x jet bucket. It has a fitting coming out the top you can put your hose in.

I said I wasn’t going to respond to your posts anymore but here’s some help. Contact Russ at Southside Equipment in Louisville, Ky. He sells some 5 gal containers with a built in siphon tube and hose barb connection. Strap that to a large wheel dolly and get the max amount of suction tube you can.

There are a lot of really great vendors in this industry but Russ has always gone above and beyond for me.
(888) 243-6506

I’ve been thinking about this as I’d like to buy an X-jet soon. It’s better to have it and not need it, then need it and not have it. I watched a video with a guy fussing with the draw tube from the X-Jet.

Here’s my plan.

Northern Tool has a 9 gallon pump sprayer on wheels. I’m going to cap the hole on the pump sprayer for the sprayer hose and handle and drill a hole in the lid just larger enough for the draw tube. I’m going to zip tie the draw tube to a spare wand I have along the wand and down the front of the handle just tight enough so I don’t have to fuss with it or have it hang off the end of the wand.

9 gallons of SH on wheels with a lid and a dedicated X jet wand sounds like a good plan in my mind. I’ll let you know how it goes.

That won’t work.

Not knocking on any vendors, but why in the world would you pay upwards of $40 for a 5 gallon pail? Seriously, get a 15 gallon barrel for free from a car wash (or a 5 gallon bucket with a lid and screw on top), put a brass elbow on it with barbs (like $3) and add your hose. No sense in paying for something that easy and cheap to make.

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Well said Mr G. Run a piece of pvc into the bucket or barrel

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Same reason people pay $1,500 for a roof wash setup that they can build for $400. To save time.

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I mean, it’s fine with me if someone has that much money to spend on a glorified 5-gallon bucket. I just can’t see the point myself. I think a lot of people over complicate these things and think they need specialized products from vendors because they somehow work better or something.

But again, to each his own. I just try to save as much money as humanly possible.

There’s more than one way to skin a cat. When you find the way that works best for you and makes you a million+ a year just promise not to be as cynical as some of the folks who respond to threads.


Physics. Go buy a Capri Sun and suck all the juice out. Tell me what happens to the pouch.

Maybe if it’s not air tight you’ll be ok. Got to let air in for displaced fluid

Think about it this way. Suppose someone needs to source a 5 gal pail, order it, or drive around town trying to find one. Then make a trip to Lowes buy the cpvc pipe, the fittings and glue. Go home and put it all together using tools you may or may not have, before being able to use it. Even if you only make $50 a hour washing and spend an hour on the pail project plus $10 on materials you’ve spent $60 instead of $40.

For me, I could make one in 10 minutes because I already have a shop with all the tools and supplies except probably the barb/elbow. But for some people it’s easier to just make a phone call and be done with it.

Either way you look at it, as long as it gets done and you keep washing is the main thing. $40 would have saved the OP money in wasted chemical and now he has a negative online review because of dumping his bucket and burning grass. That one bad review could possibly cost him hundreds if not thousands in future revenue. Looking at it that way $40 is pretty cheap.

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I have a similar set up but with a 4gal backpack sprayer and I fill up off a 30gal barrel. Its good to get you through some jobs if you’re tight on cash but not the best method. I’ll post up some pics of the set up if you’d like but I basically just cut off the spray wand. Then placed a 1/4in ball valve with some hose bards and a nylon hose running to my xjet. It also doesn’t really have an issue siphoning from the tank but you do get much more flow when you pump it.

I’m going to try out 50’ of siphon. Having trouble finding a free barrel, the car wash I talked to said they receive soaps in big 55 gallon drums, and then return them to the supplier as an exchange type deal.