X-Jet M5 Will Extending Vinyl Feed Tube Effect Performance? Size Proportional Insert

Xjet vinyl feed tubing is way to short can I ask what people are doing to over come this? What is the longest I can extend it to without the need from positive pressure of some sort of pump?

The stock X-Jet M5 Vinyl Tubing is 3/8ID 5/8OD. The X-Jet seemed to work well, I had more people tell me not to use a proportioner insert can anyone share there opinions on this please?

1 5 gallon bucket
1 Gallon 8% Chlorine
1 Cup of House Soap

4200psi 4GPM

I have heard of people using 30 foot of hose, I even read that one guy was using 50 feet. Do a search on the forums, that info is here somewhere

We use aprox 40’ of hose from a hand truck dolly setup. This works great for us. As for the proportioners we don’t use them. Everything is wide open to run at full tilt. What we do is mix our cleaning solutions at the percentages we want them at in the tank on the dolly.

This is how we roll:)

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I added 25 feet to mine and have no draw issues at all.

We run 50’ no issues! Make sure you put a ball valve on the hose. If you decide to pop the m5 off and switch nozzles it will still draw chemical out into the yard or area your working.

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we just started pwing with the xjet and I’m going through a 5 gallon bucket per side of house (roughly 2500- 3000sqft homes). My mix is 1 gal bleach, a few glugs of fresh wash and 4 gals water. I currently do not have a proportioner installed but I never run it wide open.( I have a small ball valve about half way closed on the hose.) I feel like i’m going through way too much chems. Any thoughts?

Yes… If your chems are to strong make them lighter and also skip the carrying around the 5 gal bucket…Thats for the birds. Get yourself a handtruck and a larger tank like this and you can bang out alot more cleaning and go along way before you have to mix another bunch :wink:

I tried a couple of the proportional inserts and they do work well. The 10:1 really cut down the amount of wash we were going through to about 2 5 gallon buckets per house and still cut the mildew well. Unfortunately we lost a couple inserts because we were popping the hose off the xjet to rinse and at some point they were coming out. Now we’re stuck with the 16:1 and we’re mixing a stronger batch.

Someone sells a packet of those. Maybe sunbrite supply. Can’t remember.

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Newbie question here- why are y’all using the x-jet instead of down-streaming your mix? Do you all need a stronger mix for the siding you’re cleaning? And how come?

Has anyone used more than 50 ft and had success with it?

I haven’t joined the x jet club yet but I do use the m5 variable nozzle often. it’s nice not having to change tips constantly. I believe most people use it for 2 reasons. to save the pump, hose, reel, and gun from seeing chemical. also I believe you can push a stronger mix with less dilution. I’m in the market for one myself. I have nice 15 gal tanks to put on a dolly

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Carolina Clean

The X-Jet comes with 15 feet of hose because it works with even the smallest 2 gallon a minute machines, when you use a 4 gallon a minute machine or larger the length of hose can be extended, just ask your supplier for more hose or go to your local hardware store and add an extension. When using the right colored proportioers you only need to carry about 3 gallons of cleaner to wash a house. Anybody that sells the X-Jet can also sell you single colored proportioners you can buy as many or as little as you would like without buying the whole package of colors you might not need.

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I know this is not looked highly upon but I’m going to attempt to wash an aluminum roof with the xjet. It’s a 1 story so I think I should be ok. Looking at the chart with my 5.5gpm machine, the gray 3-1 should put me at about 3% using 12.5SH. Has anyone done this before? If so how did it turn out?