X-Jet m5 problem - water flow out from injector

Hello :slight_smile:

My uncle sent me this video (easyupload link) with his problem

Screenshot 2021-07-07 at 14.04.28

I have not used these x-jet but I assume one of you guys perhaps would know what could be the problem :slight_smile:

I tried to search, and one suggestion was to try to put something thin and push up the injector… Not sure if thats good? :slight_smile:

I have put together a few thousand xjets and I’ve never seen one like that

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I actually bought the xjet from UK, did not know, but they included a upgrade type…

Too much back pressure being generated by that spray nozzle. Whoever built the xjet doesn’t know what they’re doing, and put something sized too small for the orifice inside.

If you do a search, you can find people’s modified xjets where they replace the stock nozzle with quick connects to use whatever nozzles or jrod they want.

Also, their upgrade kit is a joke. So much stainless steel, on something meant to handle straight bleach, is asking for trouble. Those quick connects and valve will be junk in no time. Should’ve been all plastic fittings.

And don’t get me started on that basket strainer. Just, no.