X jet hose length

I am wanting to run a 100ft hose from my truck to the gun during house washes. How many of you have done it and does it work?


Thanks squid, been checking out your advice and reading the forms you put out, looks like you know your stuff, thanks for the help, I was trying to find that and looks like I wasn’t searching it correctly! Lol I will run 100 foot of hose from my reel zip tied to my pressure hose. Thanks a lot. Ordering a x jet today!

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Thanks man. Glad I can help.

You might not like how that works out. 100’ wouldn’t be nearly enough for most of the houses I do. Having it tied together like that might be convenient if you never need more than 100’, but for the times you do, I can see it being kind of a hassle. Maybe not, though. Let us know how it goes :grin:

Another thought: winding up the two hoses together may be a real nightmare. As soon as you get a couple twists in the line… oh boy. :face_with_head_bandage:

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X2 (why must my responses be 5 characters sometimes and 10 others)

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I use a 12 gallon pail now which I can take off the truck if I have to go more than 100ft.

I’ve found 50 feet to work best for me. Only have to move the pail once for each side and not to much of a pain to deal with to much hose

Yeah 100’ was a pain. On a couple big factories we found 70’ worked just fine and found it was easier than mixing up softwash mix every 110 gallons. 70’ is our sweet spot, but I always carry the 30’s.

Why was the 100’ a pain. I found a guy saying he used 200’. I would love to put 200’ on a reel attached to a 35gal tank on my truck. (I just got started and I have a pick up truck setup)