WWYD: first machine choice


To me yes…I do mostly house washing and some driveways. 5.6/2500 is excellent for residential. Some pumps are underated as well. There’s a few on here who’ve done buckets tests with a 4/4 belt drive with cat pump that have over 5gpm. My 5.6 gear drive puts out 6.6gpm.


If you’re on a budget, check FB marketplace, Craigslist, offerup etc. I bought 2 5gpm@5000 machines with 24 hp Honda GX670’s and Legacy pumps on them for about $1,200 total. They both ran all year with zero issues. Just threw an 8@3,500 on one a few months back. One burns a little oil, but the other doesn’t burn a drop. Rebuild kits are cheap for them too.