WWYD: first machine choice


Ive narrowed it down to 4 possible choices for my first machine…will be focusing on house washing, driveways, sidewalks…and any LIGHT commercial that similarly apply (not parking lots, just sidewalks or pads). the prices are pretty close…just wondering if i should bite the bullet and get the big one, forgoing the “standard” equipment that comes with the others.

All of the following are GX390 belt drives…with either HP, GP, or CAT pumps.

5gpm @ 3000 (with 50’hose, generic wand and nozzles) - $1600
5gpm @ 2500 skid with electric start - $1725
5.6gpm @ 2500 (with 50’hose, generic wand and nozzles) - $1575
5.6gpom @ 2500 skid with electric start - $1800

all of these choices come from my visit to the power wash store in nashville this afternoon


You should also try absolute chemical in Nashville I’m also just starting out and they have a 5 gpm 3000 psi pressure pro belt drive AR pump for 1300 and they throw in a free tank ask for Mike


You’ll be good with any of those machines. Many on here have belt drive cat pump gx390 machines and like them. HP is a General pump…just the new name (HP5535) that replaces the TS2021. The electric start is smart and if I had to start over again I wish I had done it.

The gx390 is pushing it though for commercial flatwork. You’ll need more chemicals. But for commercial you’re better off with heat and 8gpm


@Jokerswild I only saw a 4gpm 3500psi machine I. Their website for that price…unless it’s just in store. Haven’t heard about AR pumps, have you researched them at all? What’s their price on SH? Also…funny story…”jokers wild” was the name of my custom car business back in Chicago haha


I didn’t know that about the hp/gp…you just freed up a few pages of my brain hard drive haha. I was favoring the electric start for that reason…also Incase one starting method fails there is a backup. Yeah I’ve read about the 5.5 being too light for commercial…I would just be using it to “get my feet wet” persay lol. If all goes well with the biz I would plan on upgrading to a larger machine for more of that work.

Thank you!


Yes you have to call its a store special they have they keep in stock may have a larger one also but that one fit my budget so I didn’t ask any further I’ve been emailing back and forth for a while with Mike he’s really helpful and knowledgeable from what I can tell with my little knowledge lol they have relatively nothing on their site compared to their actual stock I was put in contact with him through a pressure pro rep he said they would be a good local dealer for me


You would be better served to save up and get a commercial grade unit. A 13 horse motor is going to seriously limit the work you can do


I agree with william. Get a bigger machine with a 10 gallon gas tank. Try looking at envirospec’s website. They have some good deals on gear driven machines.


I would go bigger from the get go if I could, but on a budget of about $3500 for the entire setup right now. Just spent $4500 on a truck as well. “Going big” for me currently one of the options I gave lol


I bought a pressure pro 4x4 machine. Swapped pumps and made it 5.5 @2500. Im noticeably more productive with it at the higher volume


I just picked up a 5.5 gpm with a Briggs 18hp gear driven with and a allison tsb5638 pump for 1800 delivered to my door. You will have plenty left over to build the rest.


Where from?




Be leery of companies that hurt the industry


William how has envirospec hurt the industry?


Read their views on housewash. They support the PWNA. Lots of things I take umbrage with. But those are opinions. I have had bad dealings and had a significant amount of money lost because of them


I did not read their views on house washing but I can understand your stance on them. If someone cost me money then I would have the same feelings towards them. For me it was just a business decision to save about a 1000 dollars for a pw that others are charging more for and I just couldn’t justify the added expense. I will look further into their site.


What pump? I’m thinking about upgrading my 390. I bought it as a 5gpm but I don’t think it really is.

I had to use it yesterday bc I couldn’t find anywhere to park my 14’ enclosed. I had to park around the corner and wheel the small machine around and carry everything. Nightmare and a blast from the past. I was miserable using that machine.

What pump did you select?


so can i concur the extra .6gpm be a more favored choice over the extra 500psi?


This isn’t any of the options you listed. But if I had to start over it would have been a hot water machine