EcoClean’s new site is up and running. Still have some more work to do to it. We’ve got more client reviews and videos to add, that will all come with time.

The coolest thing about the site is ResponsiBid. I wish I would have done this sooner! This will be the most powerful marketing tool for EcoClean so far.

Check the site out at www.CleanGreenville.com. Or, go to SoftWash.us, or EcoCleanUpstate.com

I’ve got plans for those domains later on… :slight_smile:

Micah, super, well done site! Very nice. Makes me want to redo mine. I like the look and the layout. Is it Wordpress?


Have you looked at ServiceKick for referral capture?

Wow, that looks great!

Thanks, Bob. Yeah, it’s a wordpress site.

Thad, yeah, I signed up for ServiceKick the other day when Chris announced that it’s a new member benefit. I sent out probably 10 or so request for reviews and I’m waiting to hear back. I think it will be a pretty cool tool to use.