WW classic trigger removal

image I know the whisper wash classic is extremely popular, but how do many deal with removing the handle and replacing it with a 1/4 qc?

Why would you wanna go with a 1/4 QC ?

Are you wanting to be able to plug your gun into it? It’s the WW Ultra that is already setup to do that. You can customize any WW with handles from a different WW. Call them and order the handles for the Ultra.

Plus the Ultra handles are wider…

Does the angle of the gun make it uncomfortable to operate or is it no big deal once you get use to it? I have the Classic and haven’t messed with changing the handles any or ordering the Ultra handles.

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to plug in to your gun…

Mine was a little uncomfortable until I put a 2.5lb ankle weight around the bearing housing, because I was constantly trying to angle my hands downwards. Now I can just push/pull and it’s fine

Take off the gun, put in a male 1/4 qc fitting. Then just connect your gun (if you have female QC out)

Thought he was referring to the ends where 3/8’s goes into

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I took @Innocentbystander advice and put on a 2315 and now I’m spoiled.

Got pic? Im not sold on that idea yet. I seem to like the wheelbarrow style handle more.

That’s why haven’t gotten a whisper wash anything yet.

WW Ultra! Exactly what I was looking for. We prefer to have a qc after the trigger and before sc or wands. Thank you.

Those of you that fitted the ultra with a 1/4” QC and a Suttner gun, how do you keep the gun/handle from swiveling around on you?

I haven’t noticed it doing that at all. It’s actually pretty comfortable, doesn’t try to shift or move at all

So, when it’s time to rinse you pop the gun off and…snap in a jrod or something?

The pressure locks the gun from swiveling.

We made a wand holder from pvc and attached it to the Surface sprayer. Quick switching makes for really fast flat work.

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Yep, easy peasy