WW Classic 19 Swivel

Got a bad swivel on one of my 19" WW Classics, what’s you guys’ preference?

  • New swivel
  • Repair cartridge

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New swivel. Might rebuild it and get another year out of it or you might get a month. Just not worth the time sink to me. I don’t have a WW though but I just replace them on my SC.

I have a whirl away, but I did both, I ordered a new one for backup on the job site and rebuilt the old swivel

What’s wrong with it?

Could just be an oring? What’s it doing?

Get a new swivel… rebuild used & keep as backup!! Just remember where the backup was stored, that’s my problem.

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LOL, amen to that. I now keep a separate little parts box that I carry all my spare SC parts in, swivels, nozzles, etc. Same with injectors. Have 5-6 ready to slap in and enough parts to build another 5-6.

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It’s seizing up at points, and grinding a bit. Pretty sure it’s shot.

Sounds like you’re not putting out enough EDDM. Throw it in the dumpster & buy a new one haha. J/k

I’ve got a $6500 credit card charge from yesterday that says we’re sending out plenty of EDDMS :grimacing:

Relax big daddy! It’s still early in the year. Tomorrow is my one year anniversary but just based on my results this past week, you’re better off working one job for free (I actually got paid for it but…) & getting hired by the neighbors than having 100 signs all over town. Neighbors love to hit up the warsher guy across the street haha. Just make sure you’re staying busy if you want to be busy & let the rest fall into place.

For those of you saying “replace”…I’m seeing about $300, seem right?

Be careful who you get it from… I had a small issue with my WW 16 last year because of how it had been assembled & ‘those people’ told me my 1 year warranty was void because it had been used normally for 6 months. I went directly to WW & dealt with the general manager who took care of it like a super star. Moral of the story: call Russ Johnson at Southside Equipment.

I usually do…

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I need a Russ or a Bob in my neck of the woods.

I’m like 2x as far away from Russ as you are…if your profile is accurate, lol

Lol. True. And I order from Russ. I just wish I had a place I could actually walk into and get good service.

Walking into places is generally overrated…let it walk in my front door any day of the week… Now Bass Pro, that’s a place I actually want to walk into.

I got $100 in Bass Pro gift cards just burning a hole in my wallet right now. I can’t decide what I want lol


You forgot banks and SW. Having a good relationship with my bank has saved me a lot of money and they’ve helped me figure out a lot of issues. And knowing my local SW rep and store manager has been extremely helpful.