Wrist pain

Ever since I did three dozen patio homes a couple months ago my right wrist has been hurting, mainly thumb side on the back and a little up my arm. I also have some weakness and really can’t open food jars very well.

You guys that experience repetitive pain from gripping the washer gun, what did you find helps?

Have you ever heard of the flow actuated unloader?


Vodka and time heals all

Are these harder to deal with?? (what I’ve heard)

I do want to try a ZK1, but really a lot of it is gripping the handle all day.

ZK1 is a game changer… I just switched over earlier this month and I’m kicking myself for not doing it sooner. I’ve heard of guys jamming tennis balls or using a velcro strap to keep the gun open, but to me that sounds like a recipe for disaster if it slips out of your hand and can’t shut off.

@WashTheLZ the ZK1 is a lot less fickle then other flow actuated unloaders (k7 specifically) from what I’ve read.


In addition to using a zK1 and a 2315 gun, I take turmeric, cod liver oil, and Osteo Bi-flex (the walmart generic version) for joint and tendon health.

I also do stretching for carpal tunnel whenever I think of it.


Been telling you’ll for years to go to a flow actuated unloader. Chris, just switch hands occasionally during the day. May take you a little getting use to, but it helps. Or just go cold turkey and only shoot with the other hand for a week and see if it helps.


We must be getting old cause it’s pretty standard about mid summer my elbow aches and my fingers are tight from squeezing that trigger so much

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I’m headed to Southside right now actually, Russ said he can hook me up with a ZK1 unloader.:+1:

I’ve taken 800mg off ibuprofren and some Tylenol, and it soon subsides. ive had forearm pain tho, not wrist. i try to just use my pinky and ring finger to hold trigger.

Wish I could take that much, I’m on Plavix blood thinner from having a few stents installed last year.

:joy::joy::joy::joy: it’s funny you mention this. I’ve noticed it’s harder to make a fist but I just attributed it to my pro fighting days. Y’all just gave me an AHA moment.

Im in the same boat!! R hand stiffness and aching from too muxh trigger and surface cleaner time… didnt know about the K7 unloader problems. I reaearched and got some anti vibration gloves to wear while using SC (I do LOTS of flatwork), they help, but am going to change to small bungee cords or velcro if this keeps up…dont want to develop Carpal Tunnel or White Hand Syndrome

You used your flow unloader yet?

I haven’t had the chance to install it yet, got some work coming up so need to set aside time to set it up properly.

I’d also say make sure you’re moving your wand by moving your arm at the shoulder while working, and not your wrist/forearm. Keep your arm and wrist in a lock position, and pretty much just move things at the shoulder. That’s helped me tremendously.


I would recommend to looking into acupuncture treatment. I had a really bad index finger that was a pain in the butt for over a year. Nothing helped, and just on a whim did a treatment and it worked like magic.

Funny you mention that, I asked the VA if they cover chiropractic for my back and got a negative on that, but they did cover acupuncture. I will look into it.