Would using Zep or similar be okay in a pinch?

Hello. I know most people would recommend ordering a specialized cleaner from an online source and I plan on doing just that, however let’s say I need to clean a lot of sidewalk around medical center tomorrow, so obviously I cannot wait for am order to ship in the mail. there’s not oil stains, just a concrete sidewalk, but there is a ton of caked in dirt. Would Zep or Purple cleaner or really any of the generic degreasers from home depot work?

For reference this is my first commercial job. It’s not huge so I can’t really justify spending $100 on commercial degreasers from my local supplier but a 5 gallon jug of Zep Should cover the roughly 500 ft of walk right? I’ll upload a pic too if that’s helpful. I’ve done a lot of residential flat work but that almost always involves post treatment with sh and very very little degreasers (been using dawn tbh. It’s really mostly mildew and mold, water alone can tackle the dirt in Houston)

Thanks for the advice.

This is about a third of it, plus the entry and sidewalk on the other side.

I have a 4gpmachine with a downstream and 16" surface cleaner.

Edit: also did a test spot and water gets about 90% off but still (barely) visible striping

Castrol Super Clean is a great degreaser, I have also used Purple Power with good results. Since you asked about ZEP, I use the ZEP Citrus cleaner all the time and I love it. Only problem with it is it’s kind of expensive. If it’s mold an mildew why not pre-treat with SH and surface clean then post treat and be done?

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Zep industrial purple or citrus cleaner both work good.

Thank you very much. Yes it’s definitely better to buy the bulk stuff but I just need to finish this one job. I’ll try the citrus Zep and let y’all know how it goes.

Sorry, I mean that I normally do residential, however this black stuff is just grime, not mildew so therefore SH does nothing. I sprayed some of my concrete mix too just to be sure and it did nothing.

You can get Zep citrus degreaser, which I like a lot too, in 3.5 gallon “boxes”.



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Purple power from home Depot will do great. You can also get EBC from your local Sherwin Williams.


Oh good to know about EBC thanks :blush: