Workers comp? Need to find someone to cover asap

Picked up another commercial job and they were asking for proof of insurance. I sent them our cert of liability insurance however they are requiring workers comp for this job even though it is not NYS required as this is a sole proprietorship. After contacting my insurance company they informed me they do not cover workers comp however pointed me to the direction of a company that does and the prices are outrageous. They require a 25% deposit to instate the policy and that deposit was somewhere in the neighborhood of $3500 then monthly payments on top! Can anybody point me in the direction of a company that can cover me? The actual coverage makes no difference to me. I just need to have it for this job!

Depends on your location. In NC you can get a ghost policy for about $800. You might be better to find a contractor that has it, have him bid the job and sub to you. He gets a cut.

It’s really hard to find small policies for workers comp. A lot of insurance companies don’t want the paperwork hassle if the premium is less than $20k per year. One alternative is to use a payroll service, like ADP, Paychex or someone. Then they just deduct as money is paid.

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