Wooden tables taco restaurant estimate

I have a restaurant owner that says he needs his wooden tables pressure washed.
Question 1. Whats the best way to go about washing these so they don’t get splintery
Question 2. How much would you charge?
Question 3. Should I ask for free tacos for a year for payment? (just kidding of course)

Thanks in advance!

What did u do here?

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Wet the fence, sprayed pure bleach onto the wood with a backpack sprayer, pressure washed it off. It came out bright but very fuzzy on the wood. I doubt that’s the most efficient process too.

Try a search for wood cleaning.

Use less pressure. Would imagaine a degreaser would be needed, but someone else would have to chime in about degreasers on wood.

Sodium hydroxide and low pressure

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Clean the floors. They’re a lawsuit waiting to happen. Explain to him about the COF.

On the wood I’d use EBC and bleach. Most of those stains look like grease and dirt. Or some EBC with, as IBS suggested, Hydroxide as a kicker. No more than 1200 psi pressure.


No need for straight bleach. 3% works wonders and finish with oxalic acid and rinse. No pressure needed

I finished the job this morning. There was a wax like coating on the table that wouldn’t let any of the chemicals set into the wood but I got the majority of it out. They were happy with the results but for future reference how would you approach the wax coat? Sanding?

Hydroxide didn’t melt it?

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There’s very little I wouldn’t do for the right amount of Mexican food…


Did you use any degreaser like stated above?

Dude I was gunna say, don’t count out that year of mexicanfood just yet lol

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So @AlexMiller, what did you use?