Wooden Fence uneven discoloration

I used regular house wash downstreamed. Then used the neutralizer from PT. The customer loves the results. I’m not to impressed due to the uneven results. Any idea what caused this? Should I bump up the pressure or use a different chem or ratio?

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Maybe they had a couple of garbage cans in front of it and it didn’t weather as much. I am more bothered by the rust stains coming down from all the nail heads. You used ox?

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Spraying from bottom to top? Vertically?

I used f8 ox brite from pressuretek. The rust stains bother me too but I don’t feel that was within my control since they were already there.

It’s pretty much the whole fence. Not just one section.

Yes, top down, down top.

From bottom to top, vertically, not the other way around.
Try oxalic acid next time.
I use hot water when i do wood


Most of the screws on the bottom don’t have rust stains; all the screws on the top do. So I’m thinking it was protected on the bottom. Maybe something in front of it? Maybe an old sealer? Or the other option is maybe all the screws had rust originally and you were only able to remove the rust on the bottom. Is it possible your mix ratio changed? Maybe the ox wasn’t totally dissolved. Maybe you measured wrong. Pretty weird.

It’s caused by the sprinklers. I’m willing to bet that the wood pulp started coming up everywhere when you cleaned that section. You can get the rust stains out with Oxalic mixed with water. I charge extra for that though. Are you staining it or just cleaning it? My contract says Homeowner understands that there will be furring on the fence where there is sprinkler washout due to the wood structure being compromised from the sprinklers." There are no rust stains there because that wood is washed every time the sprinklers are run. To stain use a heavy pigmented oil based semi-transparent or semi-solid to solid water based to blend it out. Then tell them to get the sprinklers adjusted off the fence of it will eventually destroy the wood.


This is it! Now that you said sprinklers a light went off. The discoloration is exactly where the sprinklers are placed. I’m not staining. Just a wash. They are selling the house, and are thrilled about how it came out. I wanted to ask here bc I know not all customers will be do easy. More so for future reference.

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I used a ball valve to apply the ox down streamed. I guess it is possible the mix changed between shutting the valve in between sections but I don’t think that’s the issue. Maybe I’ll use the jrod next time just to be safe.

Nah, I change my answer to sprinklers. I don’t see many sprinklers around here. I guess we get enough rain. But it makes perfect sense.

Trust me with that arc in the wood there is a pop up there you can’t see. If the customer is happy just keep on moving…lol