Wood Siding

Up to now, I’ve done almost all vinyl and stucco/dryvit buildings. I have a good window cleaning customer who needs his wood and stone house washed. I’d like to offer it myself. How does your pricing for wood (just a general cleaning) compare with vinyl?

I base everything on time. It doesn’t matter the surface. Figure how long it will take you, what you need per hour and send the bid. I do use sq ft for general guidelines but around here there are way too many other variables to factor in.


Thanks, Trae. Ultimately I base mine on time as well. So maybe I should ask which generally takes longer. In the back it’s pretty high and cobwebby.

Thank you also, Dave.

Can I have a recommendation on what to use in my mix? I downstream.

I use simple cherry from bob at pressure tek and 12.5 bleach. I am usually around 50/50 bleach and water. Use more soap if it has lots of cobwebs etc. The soap will make them heavier and easier to rinse off.

I thought SH changed the ph of wood.

I am talking painted wood here. Stained wood is a whole different ball game.

Ah. Got it!

Pricing for a general cleaning of wood if it’s a solid color and just has mold/mildew on it we price it around 1.5-2x higher then your typical vinyl house wash. Solid wood stains clean up nicely but like everything else you need a good eye to see if the stain can handle a house wash mixed solution. It’s like A vinyl house when it comes to having a good eye to see if the siding is oxidized. In both cases if the stain couldn’t handle our house wash mixture or a house is Oxidized vinyl siding we generally stay way from those type jobs.

Keep in mind though that we have 3,000,000+ houses here in a relatively small area so we can afford to pick and choose when it comes to potential time consuming disasters.

In your case a house wash solution should work out fine.

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Funny, as it turns out when I called the customer today, it’s really a vinyl-like siding that just looks like wood. It’s been a year since I was there and never paid a lot of attention to the siding.
But I got some good observations!